List of PRAYASEEs supported under NIDHI-PRAYAS grant

Ahmedabad University Support Foundation (Venture Studio )
Sr. No. PRAYASEE No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Project Idea
1 2016PC01/CY1/2016-2017/PR001 Kinner Shah (Ifact) Rehabilitative devices - manual standing wheelchair for the Spinal cord injury
2 2016PC01/CY1/2016-2017/PR002 Amit Rajora A low-cost, right-volume, easily-operable, low-power-consuming device converting fresh milk to milk-powder
3 2016PC01/CY1/2016-2017/PR003 Pruthvi Panchal/Jimish Panchal Device for Animal husbandry and cattle management segment
4 2016PC01/CY1/2016-2017/PR004 Abhishek Shah Device for using energy from flexible solar panel to power electrical load and AC system of vehicle
5 2016PC01/CY1/2016-2017/PR005 Ankit Purohit Indoor Navigation and Positioning system using (VR) (AR).
6 2016PC01/CY1/2016-2017/PR006 Siddhant Tawarawala Pocket urinal product
Kongu Engineering College
Sr. No. PRAYASEE No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Project Idea
1 2016PC02/CY1/2016-2017/PR001 Karthikeyan C Impurity Detection Machines for Gold Jewellery
2 2016PC02/CY1/2016-2017/PR002 Suraj Mohan Wearable device to help medical practitioners measure various physical health parameters with the ability to store and transfer health data.
3 2016PC02/CY1/2016-2017/PR003 Pradeeep M Semi-automatic Airless Paint Sprayer for various type of application like Various types of application like putty plastering, wall painting, roof coating, white-wash, grouting and filling
4 2016PC02/CY1/2016-2017/PR004 Kalai Selvi D IoT based smart battery water refill alarm device
5 2016PC02/CY1/2016-2017/PR005 Puviyarasan M Live and Remote Monitoring IIoT Device for reporting of real-time shop floor data using mobile, modular and highly compatible IOT hardware system suitable for production environment
6 2016PC02/CY1/2016-2017/PR006 Deepa M WaterMag - Hybrid Atmospheric Water Generator aims at harnessing potable water from atmospheric air using efficient desiccant absorption and heat separation methods using renewable resource
PSG- Science & Technology Entrepreneurial Park (PSG - STEP)
Sr. No. PRAYASEE No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Project Idea
1 2016PC03/CY1/2016-2017/PR001 Sathish Kumar R Development of an Immunoassay based Diagnostic Kit for Cardiovascular Disease using Protein Biomarker
2 2016PC03/CY1/2016-2017/PR002 Dhilip Vignesh S An Open Sourced Vitals Diagnostic Gadgets
3 2016PC03/CY1/2016-2017/PR003 Jothi Murugan A Electronic Product and Process Identification system for Textile Industries
4 2016PC03/CY1/2016-2017/PR004 Aravind G Production of Efficient & Sustainable Chitin based Biopolymer as By-product of Sericulture
5 2016PC03/CY1/2016-2017/PR005 Deepanjan Data IoT based Smart Garment for Real Time Monitoring of Physiological Signs to Combat Chronic disease and Trauma
6 2016PC03/CY1/2016-2017/PR006 Sathish Kumar P Conversion of Existing Shuttle Loom to a Shuttle less Loom
7 2016PC03/CY1/2016-2017/PR007 Antony Edison A A conventional model of artificial hands using myoelectric signals to open & close the hand through acquiring myo-signals.
8 2016PC03/CY1/2016-2017/PR008 Praveen Kumar A permanent magnet motor that will produce the desired torque and rotor speed through magnetic field.
9 2016PC03/CY1/2016-2017/PR009 Murali Kumar B Intelligent Human Activity Analysis and Reporting System
10 2016PC03/CY1/2016-2017/PR0010 Abishek Baskaran RFID tag Aeropart validator used in aerospace to check presence & validity in aspects of safety during final stage air craft manufacturing.
11 2016PC03/CY1/2016-2017/PR0011 Agni Devan G Modernization of Mechanisms in Handloom for Maximizing Loom Productivity
Sr. No. PRAYASEE No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Project Idea
1 2016PC04/CY1/2016-2017/PR001 Abdul Thameem Potable Onshore Ocean Energy Generator
2 2016PC04/CY1/2016-2017/PR002 Drashan Virupaksha Up cycling Batteries for rural areas
3 2016PC04/CY1/2016-2017/PR003 Agilebot Automation Pvt Ltd Stewart Platform based Vehicle Training Simulator
4 2016PC04/CY1/2016-2017/PR004 Dwail Pvt Ltd PlayMetrix - Cricket Bat Swing Detector
5 2016PC04/CY1/2016-2017/PR005 Anuj Kushwaha Storage System for homes / warehouses
6 2016PC04/CY1/2016-2017/PR006 Skylark Drones Pvt Ltd Drone solution for Solar Energy Infrastructure
7 2016PC04/CY1/2016-2017/PR007 Shilpi Sen Design of Silicone 3D Printer
8 2016PC04/CY1/2016-2017/PR008 Emflux Motors Pvt Ltd Electric Superbike charger
9 2016PC04/CY1/2016-2017/PR009 Yatin Varacchia Fully Automated Kitchen
10 2016PC04/CY1/2016-2017/PR0010 Dr. Nagashree Low Cost Ventilator
SIDBI Innovation and Incubation Centre IIT Kanpur
Sr. No. PRAYASEE No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Project Idea
1 2016PC05/CY1/2016-2017/PR001 Dr. Sandip Patil Development of Cost Effective Portable Capillary Rheometer for Scientific and Industrial Research.
2 2016PC05/CY1/2016-2017/PR002 Dr. Gopal Pande Designing and Manufacturing Biodegradable and Bioactive Orthopaedic Implants
3 2016PC05/CY1/2016-2017/PR003 Mr. K Sri Harsha Real-Time Soil Moisture monitoring instruments for assessing farm level water requirement
4 2016PC05/CY1/2016-2017/PR004 Mr. EshanSadasivan Design and Development of Areca Nut Type Identifier and Separator Machine
5 2016PC05/CY1/2016-2017/PR006 Dr. Ashish Kumar Kannaujia Electronic Flexible Endoscope
6 2016PC05/CY1/2016-2017/PR007 Mr. Amit Singh Chauhan Novel System to sample, identify and mitigate bio aerosols and PN in ambient air
7 2016PC05/CY1/2016-2017/PR011 Dr. Abhijit Sathe Decentralized Onsite Domestic Grey Water Recycling system
8 2016PC05/CY1/2016-2017/PR012 Mr. Nikhil Kurele Water less PV-Solar Plant Cleaning Robot
Gujarat Foundation for Entrepreneurial Excellence / iCreate
Sr. No. PRAYASEE No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Project Idea
1 2016PC06/CY1/2016-2017/PR001 Dhruv Agrawal Myoelectric prosthetic arm
2 2016PC06/CY1/2016-2017/PR002 Pranav Pandey An open source desktop machine with the power of cnc mill, 3d printer and laser engraver
3 2016PC06/CY1/2016-2017/PR003 Vichar Shroff Autonomous drones for precision agriculture using various on board sensors
4 2016PC06/CY1/2016-2017/PR004 Himmat Singh Solar panel cleaning bot with solar charging
5 2016PC06/CY1/2016-2017/PR005 Rishabh Agnihotri Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based micro location services for proximity sensing
6 2016PC06/CY1/2016-2017/PR006 Tarunkumar Purohit RFID based asset tracking
7 2016PC06/CY1/2016-2017/PR007 Anant Sharma CNC Milling Machine for educational purpose
8 2016PC06/CY1/2016-2017/PR008 Kajal Shrivastava Health tracking band on the principle of ayurveda
9 2016PC06/CY1/2016-2017/PR010 Trupti Mehta Bag/Briefcase with charging, gps, fingerprint scanning
10 2016PC06/CY1/2016-2017/PR011 Rahul Kumar NIR Spectrometer based analyser
11 2016PC06/CY1/2016-2017/PR012 Brijesh Garala Vertical axis wind turbine for power and drinking water generation
12 2016PC06/CY1/2016-2017/PR013 Nishant Singh Rana Unmanned Aerial Vehicle design and production of hybrid wing cum quad copter
Science & Technology Park, Pune
Sr. No. PRAYASEE No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Project Idea
1 2016PC07/CY1/2016-2017/PR001 Nameeta Sohoni Feeding Bottle for infants with Cleft Lip
2 2016PC07/CY1/2016-2017/PR002 Sagar Patil Automatic Gear Transmission kit for motorcycle
3 2016PC07/CY1/2016-2017/PR003 Satyajit Mittal Squat Ease - Indian Toilet pot for special needs ( Blind, Obase, Knee Joint Patients )
4 2016PC07/CY1/2016-2017/PR004 Jaywant Mahajan Low cost Electric Bicycle with drive systems integrated in chasis
5 2016PC07/CY1/2016-2017/PR005 Manish Pungaliya Salivary Test Kit for Cancer detection
6 2016PC07/CY1/2016-2017/PR006 Kapil Shelke Electric Bicycle for rural application
7 2016PC07/CY1/2016-2017/PR007 Rajeev Randive Retrofit Electric Drive kit for small boats
KIIT-Technology Business Incubator (KIIT-TBI)
Sr. No. PRAYASEE No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Project Idea
1 2016PC08/CY1/2016-2017/PR001 Mr . Sanjib Parida Multi sensor low energy IoT device for monitoring shipment of clinical samples in near real time
2 2016PC08/CY1/2016-2017/PR002 Mr. Chandra Sekhar Rout On-Board Diagnostics plug and play Device which can make any car a connected car.
3 2016PC08/CY1/2016-2017/PR003 Mr. Satish Kumar Singh INDIFIX - Head Mounted Display glasses Communication Tool using augmented hand gesture & AR
4 2016PC08/CY1/2016-2017/PR004 Mr. Saswat Kumar Panda Online Digital Health care monitoring & information solution.
5 2016PC08/CY1/2016-2017/PR005 Mukesh Kumar Sukla Multimode Environment sensor module prototype.
6 2016PC08/CY1/2016-2017/PR006 Sameer Panda Burst Proof Puncture Proof Tubeless Tyre for Scooters
7 2016PC08/CY1/2016-2017/PR007 Ashutosh Patra Anti-glare Windshield that enables drivers to see further into the distance without the need to keep dipping the lights to avoid dazzling other drivers.
8 2016PC08/CY1/2016-2017/PR008 Prabhakar Kumar Low cost , efficient , smart portable bio gas cum urban farming system by using discarded kitchen and food waste.
9 2016PC08/CY1/2016-2017/PR009 Sanjeev Kumar Singh Herbal based Oral Hygiene Aid.
10 2016PC08/CY1/2016-2017/PR010 Saikat Bandyopadhyay Integrated Health Card interface algorithm.
Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, IIT Bombay
Sr. No. PRAYASEE No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Project Idea
1 2016PC09/CY1/2016-2017/PR001 Shantanu Pathak Affordable IoT based wearable device to record the fetal hear rate and communicating the information to smartphone/tablet along with graphical representation
2 2016PC09/CY1/2016-2017/PR002 Krunal Patel - RIIDL Low maintenance, affordable water purification and treatment system
3 2016PC09/CY1/2016-2017/PR003 Adarsh Warrier Wearable for hand that can harness the power of natural body language to interact with digital environments.
4 2016PC09/CY1/2016-2017/PR004 Radhika Patil Smart cradle with cutting edge technology for baby monitoring, responsive swinging, sleep scheduling and analytics
5 2016PC09/CY1/2016-2017/PR005 DonyJohn K Tribrid Human powered vehicle which converts Riders body mass into torque for cold start, ones accelerated
6 2016PC09/CY1/2016-2017/PR006 VivekSena Energy saving & water saving device for shower heads.
7 2016PC09/CY1/2016-2017/PR007 Sayar Singh IoT security device for door/shutter of home and office.
8 2016PC09/CY1/2016-2017/PR008 VidheyAddepally Compact device for motorcylce to provide sin protection to riders
9 2016PC09/CY1/2016-2017/PR009 Chandani Rajendran Image processing device and interactive textbooks, worksheets and educational games for blind
10 2016PC09/CY1/2016-2017/PR010 Tushar Jadhav Easy to operate emergency deployable communication network using high altitude balloon system
11 2016PC09/CY1/2016-2017/PR011 Dhruv Chaudhry Joystick module for an electric wheel chair.
12 2016PC09/CY1/2016-2017/PR012 Vikas Poddar Battery monitoring system along with swapping of batteries.
13 2016PC09/CY1/2016-2017/PR013 Vishal Dakshini Simple cost effective board cutter attachment tool
14 2016PC09/CY1/2016-2017/PR014 Sushanth Poojary Healthcare monitoring technology for patient health.
15 2016PC09/CY1/2016-2017/PR015 Cohan Sujay Carlos An automated cooking system to reduce human effort/time required to carry out various cooking processes.
16 2016PC09/CY1/2016-2017/PR016 Chaithra G Smart gas stove knob with built-in gas leakage detection.
17 2016PC09/CY1/2016-2017/PR017 Aniket Kenge Multi-material stereo lithography 3D printer that print integrated circuits with accuracy up to few nanometres
Entrepreneurship Development Centre
Sr. No. PRAYASEE No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Project Idea
1 2016PC10/CY1/2016-2017/PR001 Jilma Suman Technology for detecting breast cancer at different stages of the disease.
2 2016PC10/CY1/2016-2017/PR002 VaijayantiNagvenkar Automated version of a Precision Linear Valve for controlling Fuel Flow to Burners
3 2016PC10/CY1/2016-2017/PR003 Prateek Sharma Novel PU-based midsole material for stability running shoe to reduce impact and overuse injuries
4 2016PC10/CY1/2016-2017/PR004 Sarvoshadhi Biotech Pvt Ltd Development of Chemically Defined Cell Culture Medium and Feed
5 2016PC10/CY1/2016-2017/PR005 Sense it Out Technologies Pvt Ltd SICCA (Sensor-based Intelligent Crop Centric Automation)
6 2016PC10/CY1/2016-2017/PR006 Gunakar Pvt Ltd Plezmo - Wireless coding blocks
7 2016PC10/CY1/2016-2017/PR007 Adiuvo Diagnostics Pvt Ltd Portable screening device to detect TB bateria in samples without use of reagent.
8 2016PC10/CY1/2016-2017/PR008 WeinnovateBiosolutions Pvt Ltd A kit for rapid isolation and antimicrobial resistance profiling of pathogens from clinical samples
9 2016PC10/CY1/2016-2017/PR009 VasanthaRamaswamy Remote Geo-positioning Sun Tracking Mechanisms for Solar Thermal Systems to Maximize Heat Absorption Efficiency
10 2016PC10/CY1/2016-2017/PR010 DhushyanthDachiraju Vehicle Occupant Security Device