Under NIDHI-PRAYAS program, DST aims to promote upto 10 PRAYAS Centres every year for next five years.However, more number of PRAYAS Centres may be supported depending upon the fund availability and merit of the incubator.The interested incubators may apply for PRAYAS program (to host PRAYAS centre) , call for applications will be announced once a year and applications will be invited online on the portal.


PRAYAS Scheme Document

(Actions will be enabled only when the call is open)

Printable application will be auto-generated. TBI to print & sign the application form, affix the seal and the signed application form along with the additional documents to be sent to following address:

Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, (SINE)
3rd Floor CSRE Building,
IIT Bombay, Powai,
Mumbai 400 076"

PMU will verify and forward completed applications to PMC. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
TBIs with verified applications will be presented to the PMC.
Approval for PC will be given by the PMC after the deliberations done during the committee meeting. The decision of the PMC will be firm and binding.


  • Who is eligible to apply for PC?What are the eligibility criteria?

    Incubators promoted by Government of India are eligible to apply for the Prayas Centers(PC). Interested Incubators should be not-for-profit organisations registered as either Society or Trust or Section 8 companies. They have been in existence for at least 3 years. This limit of time period may be relaxed for entities created by the central government or state governments.Please refer the eligibility section

  • Our Incubator is a cell/part of Host Institute and is not incorporated as a separate entity. Can we still apply for a Prayas Centre?

    Application for PRAYAS centre can be made by Incubators who are registered entities.

  • When can we apply for Prayas Centre? What is the process to be followed post applications?

    Call for applications is announced once a year. Information of the call will be displayed on the website among other media announcements. Last date and closure time of the applications and submission of the documents will also be part of the announcements. Applicants are recommended to not to wait for submission of the applications till last day to avoid any problem arising out of any technical issue on either side. Online applications should be followed by sending hard copy each of the signed and stamped application form and other documents (refer the list of documents) to the office of SINE, IIT Bombay by courier or speed post.

  • What are the documents we need to send along with the application form?

    For the detailed list refer List of Documents given in Application Process.