List of PRAYASEEs supported under NIDHI-PRAYAS grant

  • Year 1 - 2016-2017
  • Year 2 - 2018-2019
  • Year 3 - 2019-2020
Ahmedabad University Support Foundation (Venture Studio
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Kinner Shah (Ifact) Rehabilitative devices - manual standing wheelchair for the Spinal cord injury
2 Amit Rajora A low-cost, right-volume, easily-operable, low-power-consuming device converting fresh milk to milk-powder
3 Pruthvi Panchal/Jimish Panchal Device for Animal husbandry and cattle management segment
4 Abhishek Shah Device for using energy from flexible solar panel to power electrical load and AC system of vehicle
5 Ankit Purohit Indoor Navigation and Positioning system using (VR) (AR).
6 Siddhant Tawarawala Pocket urinal product.
7 Dr. Sanjiv Haribhakti Idea is to enable major surgery of the upper GI tract done through natural orifice(transoral route) to perform scarless surgery, This being a novel route have developed prototype and instrumentation for the same.
8 Alpesh Patel It's like creating the virtual 3d object inside computer which is almost same as real object. This allows to lend it self to whole gamut of analysis and simulation without destroying the Orignal objects.
9 Vijay Mamtani TMSG-DC is a thermo electric based static power generator consisting of a metal heat receiver attached to a heat source and a heat sink bolted together with TGM between them.
10 Dr. Purav Gandhi The idea proposed here is to identify the presence of any thyroid disorder from the voice of a patient. It has been found that thyroid disorders cause changes in the voice quality such as deepening and softening of the voice.
11 Nanda Kishore Kumar Rao This invention is a composition of several electronic repair tools to detect and repair the faulty components of the PCB with the help of IoT. (The proposed new gadget will assist the service professionals instantaneously to understand the stage, component, configurations and the pin voltage virtually on the spot irrespectively of various brand and model.)
12 Deep Patel Vrizm Glass is a mixed reality smart glass which will cater to industries/application areas like Intelligent manufacturing solutions, smart medical solutions, Education, Entertainment, Travel & tourism etc.
Ahmedabad University Support Foundation (Venture Studio
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Harit Jaichand Design and development via web application of Farm automation for nutrient delivery, lighting schedule for real time alerts for harvesting schedule, power failure, critical system pressure and critical temprature
2 Gaganpreet Singh Indigeneous Upper Atmospheric Geo Positioning based sounding System
3 Abhimanyu Sharma Mobile APP,Cloud Server and IOT Motor Controller for Eficient use of irrigation motors by farmers to reduce wastage of power and water
4 C.Dinesh Kumar Modular ROV for underwater Applications
5 Gunjan Patel Designing of wearable and portable inertial Sensor device to help balance lower limb and walking disordered people
Ahmedabad University Support Foundation (Venture Studio
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Ankita Gaur Development of a Real-time sensor based parameter monitoring for electric power transmission towers.
2 Rahil Rupawalla E-bikes that at once can be pedaled or be battery powered, making for a fun experience in urban environments.
3 Raghav Sharma Development of Space Based Passive Interferometry and Reflectometry instrument for Ocean Sensing
4 Sharad Parekh Aims to build a miniature demand responsive solar thermal plant that captures the solar thermal energy as hot air and converts it to electricity.
5 Dr. Chaitra Santoshkumar Mastud A standardized & fabricated device to be made available for treatment of Obstructive sleep apnea(OSA).
6 Devesh G Patel Working on electrification of intra city light diesel based commercial vehicle by using the indegenious designed electric Powertrain.
7 Rohan Aggarwal A rapid instrument free point of care and disposable device for Neonatal (newborn) screening.
8 Hasin Vaidya AA smart wallet which identifies the currency note and it also identifies whether the note is real or fake.
9 Anirban Palit To develop a Proof-of-Concept of a stand-alone primary screening kit to detect Cervical pre-neoplasia at a treatable phase: CERVICHECK™ Assay.
10 Tarang Sutaria Design and Development of Fiber Opening Machine used in textile ‘blow room.
11 Nikki Thakrar Shin-Up is a staircase load carrier with an auto weight balancing to ensure safety of labours and goods involved in material handling processes.
12 Satyen Engineer Developing a device to measure honking from vehicles as a first step to address the endemic of noise pollution.
13 Veteran Wg Cdr Jaydev Desai Development of training station using technology innovation to enhance the skill, capability and performance which will improve the organizational performance and opertional.
14 Sanket Kedar An Affordable on-farm virtual crop assistance system for small & marginal farmers to improve farm productivity as well as soil health.
  • Year 1 - 2016-2017
  • Year 2 - 2018-2019
  • Year 3 - 2019-2020
Kongu Engineering College
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Karthikeyan C Impurity Detection Machines for Gold Jewellery
2 Suraj Mohan Wearable device to help medical practitioners measure various physical health parameters with the ability to store and transfer health data.
3 Pradeep M Semi-automatic Airless Paint Sprayer for various type of application like putty plastering, wall painting, roof coating, white-wash, grouting and filling
4 Kalai Selvi D IoT based smart battery water refill alarm device
5 Puviyarasan M Live and Remote Monitoring IIoT Device for reporting of real-time shop floor data using mobile, modular and highly compatible IOT hardware system suitable for production environment
6 Deepa M WaterMag - Hybrid Atmospheric Water Generator aims at harnessing potable water from atmospheric air using efficient desiccant absorption and heat separation methods using renewable resource
7 Padmanaban A G Continuous real-time monitoring of indoor and outdoor air pollution using low-cost sensors
8 ShriramThirumalai Hyper UNO is an add-on smart device which tries to help drivers adjust their driving style to maximise fuel efficiency, through real-time auditory instructions, customize their vehicle and its engine performance to suit their needs.
9 Santhosh N Automated Tender Coconut Vending Machine with integrated IoT for remote & real time monitoring and Cash & Cashless - Digital Payments facilities.
10 SASIKUMAR A P Designing a bullock drawn cultivator for plowing bed making, weeding and disc plow which can be affordable for small and medium farmers
11 SUNIL VIGNESH N A wearable IoT device with app used to alert and track the improper sitting position of the person.
12 ABUTHAHIR T i-ADVI is an intelligent navigation glass for visually challenged people.
TBI Kongu Engineering College (TBI@KEC )
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Kaushik D iKey - Bluetooth, Wifi & GSM enabled Biometric pad lock with Mobile application for control from remote location
2 Karthick R Harvester and Land Preparator (Agrovester) - a tractor operated root crop harvester and land preparatory machine.
3 Manikandan V Grocery order automation using smart containers
4 Pavithra Naveen Machinery for preparing ‘Ready to cook Banana Stem’
5 Arunkumar M Design and development of multi-functional geometric tools
6 Kavin Kishore M Lapwing (Wild Animal Monitoring and Warning System)
8 Gokul Karat Developing a 4 axis Desktop Milling Machine that can mill any materials from boards used for PCB to SS
9 Sruthi R Sewer Dredging ROV - Is a sewer cleaning robot, that can be implemented to replace the manual scavenging of city corporation sewer-lines
10 Atul SC Developing a unique mono component & multi-component a high Performance Diffusion Coating for Enhancing Service Life of the component.
11 Lakshmi Vaidyanathan The product is hardware device for sensor data aggregation with Role based Cloud Dashboard Access, Sensor Tracking functionality via current location tracker and Alert generation.
TBI Kongu Engineering College (TBI@KEC )
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Mr.K.P.Rajaganesh Semi-Automated Handling of Steering Knuckles for Hardness Testing.
2 Mr.M.S.Vijaya Komagan BIOTORR –The Next Generation Bioreactor.
3 Mr.Smit Rambhiya OxyHeal - Localized oxygen therapy for chronic wounds.
4 Ms.Duvvuru Varshitha GlucoViVa - Non-Invasive Glucometer.
5 Abhay Swamy Rapid Adaptive Manufacturing(RAM) Metal 3D Printing with a hybrid approach.
6 Ajesh J K SOLO mPowerDrive - Developing A power-assist device for manual wheelchair.
7 Radhakrishnan P J A Smart Intravenous Dripper System.
8 Shanmuga Vadivel S Portable Milk Dispenser which can be retrofitted in any existing milk can.
9 Augustine R Developing edible food preservative and nutrient supplements from Moringa Oleifera and Citrus Aurantifolia .
10 Shubham Sharma A unique hybrid device for renewable energy generation with air purifier to use in domestic, commercial and rural areas.
11 Swapnil Ajit Bukshete An Affordable on-farm virtual crop assistance system for small & marginal farmers to improve farm productivity as well as soil health.
12 Nimisha Sharma An affordable, aluminium-air battery system.
  • Year 1 - 2016-2017
  • Year 2 - 2018-2019
  • Year 3 - 2019-2020
PSG- Science & Technology Entrepreneurial Park (PSG - STEP)
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Sathish Kumar R Development of an Immunoassay based Diagnostic Kit for Cardiovascular Disease using Protein Biomarker
2 Jothi Murugan A Electronic Product and Process Identification system for Textile Industries
3 Aravind G Production of Efficient & Sustainable Chitin based Biopolymer as By-product of Sericulture
4 Sathish Kumar P Conversion of Existing Shuttle Loom to a Shuttle less Loom
5 Antony Edison A A conventional model of artificial hands using myoelectric signals to open & close the hand through acquiring myo-signals.
6 Praveen Kumar A permanent magnet motor that will produce the desired torque and rotor speed through magnetic field.
7 Abishek Baskaran RFID tag Aeropart validator used in aerospace to check presence & validity in aspects of safety during final stage air craft manufacturing.
8 Agni Devan G RFID tag Aeropart validator used in aerospace to check presence & validity in aspects of safety during final stage air craftModernization of Mechanisms in Handloom for Maximizing Loom Productivity
9 Divya Krishnan Save Mom
10 Uthaya Kumar K Cardamom Dryer
11 Avinash P Design and Fabrication of Carrot Harvesting Machine
12 Rubesh Thirumani Automated Guided Vehicle for Material Handling
13 M K Ahamed Muqthar Integrated Cutting Floor Optimization Solution for Leather Product Manufacturing Industries.
14 S Santhosh Developing an Automatic Nursery Tray Seeding Machine.
PSG- Science & Technology Entrepreneurial Park STEP
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Dr. Muthukumar Amirthalingam The innovation focuses on advance Theranosis Drug Delivery (T-DDS) System for the neurodegenerative disease where there is no perfect cure is available yet, and the diagnosis method is also complicated for the elderly patient. The developed drug product will address the unmet medical need for the elderly patients and caregivers
2 Dr. Christopher M The innovation captures signal of inspiration and expiration and audio visual graphic representation is made possible in the cell phone, tab or separate monitor. Cost effective video endoscope is devised with this monitor. The proposed device is not only intended for anesthetist, emergency physician. It is also for any paramedical personal can intubate with this device & can confirm the endotracheal tube position and save millions of lives
3 Sel Ven Cibhi Sudhan The innovation focuses on single use eco-friendly biodegradable alternatives to plastic from plant based and other renewable materials that are environment friendly and compostable in nature.
4 Parthiban Subramaniyan Development of radio transparency metal which allows x-ray penetration to expose the complete healing zone at fracture site using an external fixation technique in orthopaedic.
5 Muthu Vangaliappan T WMW is a compact IoT device which is used to have a complete control of the windmill and it can be plug-gable to any windmill PLC.
6 Ankit Mohan The hardware utilizes biometric system for identification of each employee and the device is built with RFID and GSM that interfaces directly with cloud over an embedded SIM module
7 Gowrishankar D A fresh milk tea [Dum & Ginger Tea] making machine which is one of kind with self-loading of raw materials with self-cleaning mechanism.
PSG- Science & Technology Entrepreneurial Park STEP
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
  • Year 1 - 2016-2017
  • Year 2 - 2018-2019
  • Year 3 - 2019-2020
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Abdul Thameem Potable Onshore Ocean Energy Generator
2 ANIRUDH KATTI - Dwail Pvt Ltd PlayMetrix - Cricket Bat Swing Detector
3 Anuj Kushwaha Storage System for homes / warehouses
4 MUGHILAN T.R - Skylark Drones Pvt Ltd Drone solution for Solar Energy Infrastructure
5 Shilpi Sen Design of Silicone 3D Printer
6 VARUN MITTAL - Emflux Motors Pvt Ltd Electric Superbike charger
7 Yatin Varacchia Fully Automated Kitchen
8 Dr. Nagashree Low Cost Ventilator
9 Bharat Pai Hydrostatic Pressure Energy Conversion
10 Dr. Binita Shrivastava Tunga Point of care non-invasive, highly sensitive and accurate saliva-based glucose detection system for diabetics.
11 Gaurav Gupta MyOm- Meditation assisting headband
12 Aditya Kedlaya Optical communication terminal for cubesats
13 Dr. Satish Kalme Low cost robotic device for renal access during PCNL
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Prateek Kumar Developing a device which can be retrofitted in the helmets & bikes. The device will be capable of detecting an accident automatically & informing the server about the gps coordinates, accident intensity & user profile.
2 Anupam Varghese StockBee is a smart tray that measures, and updates SKU/ stock movement of items kept on it in retail outlets or warehouses in near real-time using LoRaWAN/ WiFi.
3 Gaurav Paliwal A passive hybrid BTMS works on two heat dissipation/absorption mechanisms: • Heat dissipation using forced ambient air convection. • Heat Absorption by Phase change material.
4 Apoorv Shankar Aina is an AI powered smart ring that predicts user actions and displays the right shortcut at the right time. Aina uses Directional sound technology to let users take phone calls just by placing their fingers near the ear. The project will take the product from a raw POC to a prototype of final size with all the proposed functions working
5 Nitesh Kumar Juiceworx (Proposed Project) is a first of its kind, automated beverage processing cum retail system for communities like offices, colleges, schools, gyms, etc. where robotic beverage stations, of the size of a conventional coffee machine, accept and fulfill beverage orders with just a few taps on the app.
6 Bonny Dave This document contains details for prototyping a real-time scanning (image-capturing) and reading (audio-output) platform which integrates with a user’s smartphone to deliver enhanced reading and learning experience, specially designed for people with print and learning disabilities and elderly people with low-vision.
7 Shubhodeep Das Kontiki Innovation labs is creating the technology to upgrade VR/AR headsets into security glasses (like in movie ‘Mission Impossible:2’ ) for sharing digital data (Files, messages, video, chat etc) i.e., an Identity-bound computing platform delivered through Iris-scanning HMDs
8 Arul Praveen Enhance music keyboard hardware towards allowing more organic interactions for producing music
9 Shreevathsa Nagabhushan A device for pest control & Alarm system in the fields.
10 Venkatesh Vadde Device for monitoring BP.
11 Swapnil Shrivastav Developing a device which captures Ambient moisture from Air to generate Water. more organic interactions for producing music
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Nikhil Gonsalves Mario Electric vehicle that folds down into the size of a stroller weighing just 12 kgs and can go a speed of 25km/h, a range of 25 km /charge.
2 Dr Deevish ND Low cost wireless video laryngoscope
3 Abu Saquib Tauheed Pressure ulcer prevention device
4 Rohan Tripathi Device for Head-Up Tilt Table (HUTT) test and also assess other cardiac autonomic neuropathy functions
5 Dr. Sreesha Malayil Development of innovative biomethanation plant with controlled fermentation to extract cellulose fiber from agro based residue make biodegradable single use bags and will also produce biogas and fertilizer as by-products.
6 Pramod V Mangalore Design and development of indigenously manufactured and modular air-powered line messenger gun that can be used in rescue operations during disasters such as fires and floods.
7 Karan Subhash Chavan Setting up prototype of commercial scale plant to manufacture biodegradable granules from corn starch which will be used to manufacture commercially acceptable biodegradable plastics.
8 Dr. Anvesh Jallapallyi Novel Integrated Sensing for Stroke Management – NISSM
9 Vidyut Mohan Building a low cost reactor that upgrades waste agricultural residues into a dense, carbon rich form, that make them suitable to be used for a wide variety of industrial applications to make, activated carbon, fuels, fertilizers
  • Year 1 - 2016-2017
  • Year 2 - 2018-2019
  • Year 3 - 2019-2020
SIDBI Innovation and Incubation Centre IIT Kanpur
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Dr. Sandip Patil Development of Cost Effective Portable Capillary Rheometer for Scientific and Industrial Research.
2 Mr. K Sri Harsha Real-Time Soil Moisture monitoring instruments for assessing farm level water requirement
3 Mr. EshanSadasivan Design and Development of Areca Nut Type Identifier and Separator Machine
4 Dr. Ashish Kumar Kannaujia Electronic Flexible Endoscope
5 Mr. Amit Singh Chauhan Novel System to sample, identify and mitigate bio aerosols and PN in ambient air
6 Dr. Abhijit Sathe Decentralized Onsite Domestic Grey Water Recycling system
7 Mr. Nikhil Kurele Water less PV-Solar Plant Cleaning Robot
8 Gurveer Sing Virdi Solar Cow Urine Distiller for strengthening rural economy
9 Ankur Kumar Agro waste (and other cellulosic waste) to valuable products
10 Vikram Singh Rana Affordable SLS 3-D printer (REtO 1.0)
11 DR. Gautam Rangan A Geriatric Monitor Solution through a led bulb coupled with a BLE enabled band which can be worn by the older person.
12 Krishnaraj Singh Gaur VTOL Fixed wing drone technology uses fusion of Multicopter drone with Fixed wing drone. Fusion drone takes off similar to multicopter and therefore can be use from constrain space.
13 Sarthak Gupta Bioplastic from waste chicken feathers. The raw material used will be the organic waste of poultry industry which will result in an economically feasible biodegradable and compostable end product.
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Harshit Rathore Nocca CD9Tis a smart controller that cansequentially control 9 dual/single axis solar trackers. It calculates the zenith and azimuth angle of the sun based onastronomical solar position algorithm developed by NREL. This allowsthe solar tables to track the sun throughout the daytime, thus boosting energy production. In areas wherethe cost of land is high, and on buildings and industrial rooftops, this is highly beneficial(gaining 15%to 25%more power per unit land).
2 Vaishnavi Kulkarni Development of a lateral flow assay platform for point-of-care detectioN of preclampsia
3 Tejas Kusurkar Development of working prototype for ZincGelTM battery for electric 3 wheeler or solar power backup
4 Anivesh Chaturvedi Automatic smart dishwasher for cleaning plates in hostel mess, hospital, indian wedding dinner etc
5 Manasi Kulkarni Development of RDT for Screening of Preeclampsia
6 Shilpa Malik Non-invasive, portable and fully computerized system for brain pressure monitoring
7 Mithun Shah Flushable and Biodegradable Sanitary pads
8 Anindita Ghatak Manufacturing of Erasable and Reusable Paper using Automation for Mass Production
9 Nikky Jha Low Cost Portable storage unit for extending shelf-life Of horticultural products.
10 Ravi Pandey Antibacterial Nanotechnology Based Nasal Air Filter for Breathing
11 Prateek Dutta Bio-reactor for Reef-ecosystem and Aquaculture.
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Ashwin Shreshta Automotive swivel seats to ease entry and exit of elderly passengers and people with locomotor disabilities
2 Kumar Mayank OLVIS -Thermal Imaging Solution (Software + Hardware) for Mass Fever detection. ( Contactless )
3 Nishant Agarwal Affordable Prosthetic Hand for Transradial Amputees with Adaptive Grasp and Pinch Capabilities
4 Dhirendra Singh PM2.5 High Volume Slit based Sampler
5 Dr Madhubari Vathulya Cost effective Nitinol based external distractor for facial distraction
6 Rishabh Goyal Air Purifier Integrated Ceiling Fan
7 Mohit Kumar Developing a 1-meter long drone Boat (autonomous surface vessel) that will cover the whole pond/water body in a systematic way and pump oxygen-rich surface water to the pond bottom
8 Rajat Bansal Developing a novel mouthpiece to be attached to the existing high volume suction hose of a dental chair used by dentists during treatment procedure
  • Year 1 - 2016-2017
  • Year 2 - 2018-2019
  • Year 3 - 2019-2020
Gujarat Foundation for Entrepreneurial Excellence / iCreate
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Dhruv Agrawal Myoelectric prosthetic arm with muscle sensor, with OLED display, various modes
2 Pranav Pandey An open source desktop machine with the power of cnc mill, 3d printer and laser engraver
3 Vichar Shroff Autonomous drones for precision agriculture using various on board sensors
4 Himmat Singh Solar panel cleaning bot with solar charging
5 Rishabh Agnihotri Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) based micro location services for proximity sensing
6 Tarunkumar Purohit RFID based asset tracking
7 Kajal Shrivastava Health tracking band on the principle of ayurveda
8 Rahul Kumar NIR Spectrometer based analyser
9 Nishant Singh Rana Unmanned Aerial Vehicle design and production of hybrid wing cum quad copter
10 Abhinav Vashistha Smart glove as a communication device for mute people.
11 Aseem Sindwani Wireless sensor based system to monitor and manage food storage warehouses.
12 Denim Patel Tank cleaning robot to clean water tanks with the help of nozzle, brush and suction which will be wirelessly controlled through an app.
13 Mukul Malviya Mechanical device, hand pushed to collect wrappers/small waste.
14 Suket Amin Indoor navigating smart robot with the help of laser and other sensors with obstacle avoidance.
15 Gaurav Narang To develop vertical farming structures to increase productivity per square feet
16 Keshav Daga Create an affordable handheld 12 channel ECG which will offer suggestive diagnosis through ML and image processing.
17 Anant Sharma CNC Milling Machine for educational purpose
18 Brijesh Garala Vertical axis wind turbine for power and drinking water generation
19 Trupti Mehta Bag / Briefcase with charging, GPS, finger print scanning, fall alerts and theft alerts.
20 Shivangi Modi Pure water generator from sewage or saline source using solar energy.
21 Anirban Roy Grey Water recycling for indian household through proprietary filtration membranes.
Ahmedabad University
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Arbaz Reza Retro fit model which will provide assistive driving for accident alert and avoidance(braking and partial steering)
2 Kevin Patel Solar panel cleaning bot for both 250W/300W - track/grip wheels
3 Keyur Rakholiya Indigeneously designed 250W-320W MPPT Charge controller
4 Prasen Vinchurkar A reactor to produce graphene with the required band gap(user defined conductivity)
5 Suthar Anwar Ali Wireless temperature and humidity sensors on large scale and using AI/ML to gain actionable intelligence on effect of surroundings on the same
6 Pritesh Mistry Epidermal electronics to create a 4 channel cardiac signal detector
7 Sarang Mokashi Low cost magnetic parking lot sensor
8 Mithilesh Shah Forced air/liquid cooling for Li Ion battery packs
9 Mukesh Patel Conversion of IC engine to battery operated with on board mini generation
10 Jyani Sagar Automatic low energy bike accident alert system
11 Ankur Kaundal High efficiency and low emissions gas stove
12 Chadalavada Raghuveer Affordable Personal Mobility for Multimode Transportation
13 Chintan Vinod Shinde Wheelchair which is foldable and has added functionality
14 Swaita Uniyal IOT based automation for urban farming
14 Navneet Pal Air ionizer - High voltage negative ions emitter.
15 Rohan Hari Agarwal Developing a three layer security system using hardware engineering, Blockchain, security & cryptography.
Gujarat Foundation for Entrepreneurial Excellence / iCreate
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Raghunath Pondey Matta Developing a Fleet management hardware model for monitoring two-wheelers.
2 Rajat Yadav AC to DC and DC to DC chargers for electric vehicles.
3 Dhairyasheel Deshmukh Building a first of its kind refrigerated transportation system using battery-powered E-vehicles for farmers in rural pockets.
4 Tony Sebastian IoT based energy monitoring system for commercial places for large infrastructure (hotels, hospitals, offices, etc).
5 Rushikesh Fula Bagul A smart box with a load cell and wireless communications to provide real-time inventory tracking of materials inside the box.
6 Jai Kishan Indoor air quality monitoring system.
7 Abdul Azeez Khan Indigenously making battery management system with features like over-voltage and over current protection, with a communications port.
8 Naresh Kumar Annepu High performance tablet with with edge computing capability for multiple computer vision based applications.
9 Abhilash Maurya IC engine powered high payload capacity based hexacopter with 90 degree rotatable rotors for cruising.
  • Year 1 - 2016-2017
  • Year 2 - 2018-2019
  • Year 3 - 2019-2020
Science & Technology Park, Pune
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Nameeta Sohoni Feeding Bottle for infants with Cleft Lip
2 Sagar Patil Automatic Gear Transmission kit for motorcycle
3 Satyajit Mittal Squat Ease - Indian Toilet pot for special needs ( Blind, Obase, Knee Joint Patients )
4 Jaywant Mahajan Low cost Electric Bicycle with drive systems integrated in chasis
5 Manish Pungaliya Salivary Test Kit for Cancer detection
6 Rajeev Randive Retrofit Electric Drive kit for small boats
7 Dr. D.B. Jadhav Development of the Multiple Antenna High Density Ion Generators for Pollution Control
8 Jaydip Deshpande Smart Drug Delivery system for Cancer tumours
9 Mahesh A. Toraskar Development of Air Cooled Internal Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with Ferrite Magnets
10 Shrilesh Mande It is a farm utility vehicle, specially designed to cater the needs of the farmer mainly soil preparation, carrying the goods in and out of the farm such as fertilizers & having very limited land.
11 Kunal Karnik Develop a prototype to provide a real-time omnipresent medical and electronic device sharing platform over internet even on low bandwidth connections, which will emulate device to remote location as locally available. this device will convert existing infrastructure to telemedicine enable system
12 Ajit Gadgil Innovative high temperature MULTIJET UPDRAFT GASSIFIER which not only helps process municipal dry waste, but also can be used for generating hot water and other application without causing any Air pollution.
13 Shatakshi Wagh Neonatal phototherapy goggles” will replace the cloth band tied around the eyes of neonatal babies who undergo blue-rays phototherapy treatment for jaundice.
Science & Technology Park (STEP-PUNE)
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Amol Gunale Technology to reduce power consumption and maintenance cost of transmission shafts by coupling a co-axial shaft using electromagnetism technique.
2 Manjul Manivesh Powertrain to be operated in both modes - motoring of vehicle and charging of batteries.
3 Mohammed Zameer A technology to manufacture low-cost Carbon Nanotubes from Industrial Exhaust Emissions.
4 Effath Yasmin A special nipple feeder that will fit over mother's breast in a way that the supplemental feed can also be included along with mother's milk.
5 Anudeep Sandanamudi Natural, biodegradable, washable & reusable cups made out of ground coffee waste.
6 Vishal Salunkhe Urine screening device for comprehensive Kidney function tests to get results in less time and at low cost.
7 Jyoti Kumbhar A dipstick test to accurately diagnose premature rupture of membrane during pregnancy.
8 Rajendrakumar Sharma The major thrust in this scenario will be on sustainable efficient energy storage device. At present if we explore our energy storage resources, none of available standalone technologies are able to satisfy Power density + Energy Density individually.
9 Ganesh Suryawanshi Robotic Ball which can reach inaccessible areas like in earthquake, building Collapses, landslide or debris accumulation, precisely locate alive victims & helps to plan rescue operations.
10 Asish Mohandas A low cost effective device to prevent Grade I pressure ulcers in bed ridden patients & eliminate manual repositioning of the patient by care takers.
11 Neenu Kalayil Developing a device for detection of Parkinson’s disease through speech & smell signature.
12 Tejsingh Gaikwad Developing a head gear that offers N100 Grade (Efficacy 99.99%) protection against CoViD and all kinds of Airborne Contagious Diseases like Coronavirus, SARS, MERS etc.
13 Chandrakant K Mahajan Device for detecting blood Oxygen (SPO2), Pulse Rate (BPM), Blood Pressure ( Systolic and diastolic )and Non contact Body Temperature.
Science & Technology Park, Pune
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Dr. Kumudha A Point of care device for detecting vitamin B12
2 Mr. Vishal Mali All fit scalable electric powertrain optimized for power density & efficiency
3 Mr. Deepak Reddy Electronic sowing implement - Farm equipment for sowing of seeds
4 Mr. Yogesh Walimbe Development and Fabrication of High Torque Motor Along with its Drive and Control
5 Mr. Nikhilesh Wani Secure Identity Device with Biometric Authentication Capabilities
6 Dr. Vijaysinh Sawant Development of smog removal machine
7 Mr. Madhusudan Oak ESP based Air Sanitizer with Auto cleaning System
8 Raja Vardhan K. Developing a Self-controlled dental anesthesia syringe for children
9 Lakshmi Santhanam Light harvesting glass accessories for solar panel that boost energy generation by 20%
10 Suvadeep Sarkar Inland tank based backyard recirculatory aquaculture systems for small land holder farmers and micro entrepreneurs
11 Vishal Singhal A low-cost onion storage system that maintains ideal temperature, humidity, air circulation and ventilation; and reduces storage losses from 40% to 10%
12 Amita Ajit Development of a Natural, user friendly and easy to carry Hyaluronic Acid Microneedle Patch enriched with cardamom extract that facilitates painless penetration of active ingredients for an even toned, blemish free and wrinkle free skin
13 Kamal Sehgal Retrofit Kit for Smart Baby Warmer - A safer, intelligent & connected equipment to improve neonatal critical care & reduce infant mortality through better diagnostics
  • Year 1 - 2016-2017
  • Year 2 - 2018-2019
  • Year 3 - 2019-2020
KIIT-Technology Business Incubator (KIIT-TBI)
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Mr . Sanjib Parida Multi sensor low energy IoT device for monitoring shipment of clinical samples in near real time
2 Mr. Chandra Sekhar Rout On-Board Diagnostics plug and play Device which can make any car a connected car.
3 Mr. Satish Kumar Singh INDIFIX - Head Mounted Display glasses Communication Tool using augmented hand gesture & AR
4 Mr. Saswat Kumar Panda A device to collect the health related data of the children and provide advance analytics
5 Mukesh Kumar Sukla To develop a prototype development which will integrate following measurement in a single module:  1. Temperature sensor 2. Humidity Sensor 3. Wind Velocity Sensor 4. UV light sensor 5. CO2 sensor (can be extended to additional gas sensor in future) .Data from the processor will be sent to the cloud and available real time in internet by means of wireless protocol for further analysis.
6 Sameer Panda Burst Proof Puncture Proof Tubeless Tyre for Scooters
7 Ashutosh Patra Anti-glare Windshield that enables drivers to see further into the distance without the need to keep dipping the lights to avoid dazzling other drivers.
8 Prabhakar Kumar Low cost , efficient , smart portable bio gas cum urban farming system by using discarded kitchen and food waste.
9 Sanjeev Kumar Singh Easy Datun- A system by which bristles can be exposed in herb twigs for uses as oral hygiene aid without disturbing natural content
10 Jyoti Prakash Kanungo "Smart wearable device for cattles- To make a smart wearable device that will be with the animal calibrating & calculating all the health vitals from the animal.
11 Chinmayananda Padhee IoT based Robotic beverage Taste creator cum vending machine-Herbeu .User need to compose/edit/choose a taste by using our mobile APP.
12 Hardik Makkar DiagnoCAP- Redefining diagnostic sampling Development of a fabricating a rapid diagnostic kit for detection of typhoid fever in first week &unique sampling/transport kit for urine culture & sensitivity.
13 Pulkit Jain 5-Axis CNC Milling and 3D Printing Hybrid Workstation :CNC Milling and 3D Printing are two forms of computer assisted manufacturing techniques.
14 Sabir Hossain Easy Applicable First Aid Essential- A Bleeding Stopper:A suitable applicator specially designed to dispense powder consists of biopolymers that will prevent bleeding by clotting the blood instantly.
15 Shiv Sankar Sahoo SOLAR POWERED ABSORPTION AIR CONDITIONER;Solar powered air conditioner which works on absorption cycle that uses directly the heat to produce cooling effect.
16 Kajol Nayak To develop prototype of a stable, reliable & economic “Hybrid Power System” suitable for both urban & rural houses.
17 Om Prakash Das A next generation smart stove
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Gokul Srinivas Minion a hand-sized energy auditing device with much easier installations has the ability to analyze data for valuable actionable insights with non-intrusive energy management solution.
2 Arindam Ghatak Productisation and commercialisation of a patented spray technology that enables upto 50% more efficient fuel combustion.
3 Raghu Burli Narayana Murthy Using drone to carry intelligent nanosensors to detect the presence of pests and also make automation of pesticide spray for controlled and localised use of the harmful and hazardous pesticides thereby protecting the lives of farmers, increasing yield, preventing health damage to the final consumers.
4 Sharthak Shankar Bhagat Developing IOT enabled inverters, based on SMPS ferrite core transformers, which are smaller (thus reducing the overall inverter size) and are more efficient due to low core losses.
5 Partha Pratim Das Non-invasive non-contact portable device for accurate measurement of Bilirubin Level, Haemoglobin Concentration and Oxygen Saturation
6 Aninda Sircar A device to convert the energy to produce cooling and transfer it to the surrounding piping inside the automobile.
7 Uvarani Rajamani A non-invasive method to screen the diabetes. The system uses the iris image of the person to diagnose the presence of diabetes. Just by capturing the iris image of the subject, this system would say he/she has diabetes. The system reduces the risk of infection and reduces injury. It is a painless system through which a subject can be used for self diagnosis.
8 Saurabh Agrawal Developing a preventive way to treat Back pain.We are building a very small (2cm * 2cm) electronic device that could be used to detect bad posture and alert user by giving instant vibration feedback.
9 Vijay Kumar Dadi The idea is to develop a noninvasive device using the correlation of abnormal lung sounds, respiratory rate with respiratory infection/disease – helps in early identification and referral to doctor for Intervention.
10 Hardhik Routray Manufacturing an electric scooter that would offer the same performance at the same cost as a conventional Petrol Engine Scooter. Specifications are 150 Km with 300 Kg Load at a top speed of 70 Kmph
11 Shamik Guha A unique, inexpensive smart helmet that detects & prevents accidents, providing subsequent help to the victim, minimizing life-loss greatly. Also, has live and remote tracking, and other emergency services, to cater.
12 Raja Santosh Panda Designing & developing a rice cooker which follow the traditional process of rice cooking and removal of water, hence eliminates a manual, time consuming & risky method of cooking.
13 Dinesh Patiyal A Cost effective, accurate and efficient IOT based solution to convert existing post-paid energy meters into pre-paid/smart energy meters.
14 Satyabrata Jena A multi-cuisine vending machine that serves Drinking water, Tea , Coffee and three flavors of soda.
15 Pooja Kumari Jha Miknee- A chondroprotective knee health monitoring orthosis for Osteoarthrtic Elderly.
16 Sivani Gupta Vacon: An indigenous low cost negative pressure wound healing device for trauma wounds.
17 Vaibhav Thakkar krishiBOT - A smart agriculture robot for precision farming.
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Dr. Sarpras Swain UTI-AMR detection device for faster and on-site detection of Urinary tract infections.
2 Dr. Ashok Badamali SANJIVANI: Compression Only Life Support (COLS) Assist Gadget for Community use in case of cardiac arrest, electrocution, drowning, smoke suffocation.
3 Pradeep Thangappan Multi fuel Micro gas turbine-based local power generation system with a Lean Direct Injection & light weight, small size, low maintenance & emission.
4 Siddharth Goel An all-in-one dynamometer that can accurately measure muscle strength.
5 Sangram Das Two Floor-mounted toilet support system assisting various assembly parameters for elderly or disabled persons.
6 Sudipta Pathak 3-axis stabilized bipod mount which interfaces with the Ordnance Factory Board built 81mm and 120mm mortar barrel with a digital gun alignment control unit.
7 Dr. S. Harinipriya Dr. S. Harinipriya Microbial Electrochemical Cells based plastic recycling bacteria which converts plastics into useful fertilizer.
8 Nishita Baliarsingh Developing a Fast charge rechargeable bio-organic battery from crop residue, disrupting the lithium-ion battery industry.
9 Siddharth Jai Developing a Oxygen Concentrator with iLive-10L/min High-Pressure.
  • Year 1 - 2016-2017
  • Year 2 - 2018-2019
  • Year 3 - 2019-2020
Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, IIT Bombay
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Shantanu Pathak Affordable IoT based wearable device to record the fetal hear rate and communicating the information to smartphone/tablet along with graphical representation
2 Krunal Patel Low maintenance, affordable water purification and treatment system
3 Adarsh Warrier Wearable for hand that can harness the power of natural body language to interact with digital environments.
4 Radhika Patil Smart cradle with cutting edge technology for baby monitoring, responsive swinging, sleep scheduling and analytics
5 DonyJohn K Tribrid Human powered vehicle which converts Riders body mass into torque for cold start, ones accelerated
6 VivekSena Energy saving & water saving device for shower heads.
7 Sayar Singh IoT security device for door/shutter of home and office.
8 VidheyAddepally Compact device for motorcylce to provide sin protection to riders
9 Chandani Rajendran Image processing device and interactive textbooks, worksheets and educational games for blind
10 Tushar Jadhav Easy to operate emergency deployable communication network using high altitude balloon system
11 Dhruv Chaudhry Joystick module for an electric wheel chair.
12 Vikas Poddar Self balancing technology helps a two wheeler stay upright and reject unwanted disturbances. The feature adds safety and comfort to regular two wheelers
13 Vishal Dakshini Simple cost effective board cutter attachment tool
14 Sushanth Poojary Fistula Management system for patient diagnosed with chronic kidney diseases.
15 Cohan Sujay Carlos An automated cooking system to reduce human effort/time required to carry out various cooking processes.
16 Chaithra G Smart gas stove knob with built-in gas leakage detection.
17 Aniket Kenge Multi-material stereo lithography 3D printer that print integrated circuits with accuracy up to few nanometres
18 Priyanka Yasalapu My Medic - Medicine identifier for visually challenged people
19 Dr. Vinay Saini Development and evaluation of rapid TB test in sputum
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Abhishek Rai A Mechanical device for physiotherapy.
2 Abhishek Sahgal A chemical process using nanotechnology to make clothes stain, odour, uv and bacteria resistant.
3 Adarsha K A novel system comprising of hardware electronics and supported software for early identification of obstructive airway disease.
4 Diptesh Mukherjee Compact and easily portable wall printing robot.
5 Anirvan Chatterjee Instrument for extracting DNA from sputum of TB patient for post genome sequencing study to ascertain path of treatment.
6 Krishna Sivanand Development of a smart glove for assisted physiotherpy and tracking of limb improvement.
7 Nilay Shah Smart Drying equipment for textile industries to enable a better usage of industrial utilities.
8 Kiriti Madina IoT for real time health monitoring of aquaculture.
9 Shiv Varun Singh Rajput Underwater and Airborne unmanned vehicle.
10 Suteerth Tripathi Eye screening device for children using eccentric photorefraction quantifying Bruckner's reflex.
11 Chinmay Khare Anti Bacterial micro patterned coating for orthopedic implantable surfaces to minimize the risk of infection.
12 Runal Dahiwade Automatic floor cleaning bot
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Atharva Patankar Non-alcoholic & affordable chemical formulation sustainably releasing chlorine for mass sanitation purposes
2 Jayesh Mevada UV disinfection automated system for Hospitals and domestic applications
3 Dinoj Joseph Easily deployable Isolation unit for conducting dental procedures
4 Rashmi Tambe Shukla Point-of-care Confirmatory Antigen Test Kit for Detection of Viral Load in Covid-19 Infection.
5 Vignesh M Design and Development of Compact and Lightweight Axial Flux Motor for Electric Vehicles.
6 Ravi Kaushik Air Sterilizer for removal of pathogens from the air.
7 Vivekanand Dhakane Development of Electronics maker kit (similar to Arduno)
8 Ratnesh Bafna Novel precision motion platform for microscope scanning system
9 Nishant Kathpal Portable Diabetic Foot Screening Device.
10 Sonatan Das Photonic based handheld device for plant pathogen detection
11 Amartya Gupta Mithril: New Age Customizable Orthosis(Splints)
12 Abhinesh Srivastava Developing autonomous Robots for the deep Space missions
13 Apurva Joshi AgriYAAR: Agricultural Yield Augmenting Autonomous Robots
14 Ayushmoy Roy Developing a modular wall finishing robot
15 Ketki Sanghai Developing corrosion free bars for reinforcement in concrete
  • Year 1 - 2016-2017
  • Year 2 - 2018-2019
  • Year 3 - 2019-2020
Entrepreneurship Development Centre
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 JILMA PERUVANGAT Technology for detecting breast cancer at different stages of the disease.
2 VAIJAYANTI NAGVENKAR Automated version of a Precision Linear Valve for controlling Fuel Flow to Burners
3 PRATEEK SHARMA Novel PU-based midsole material for stability running shoe to reduce impact and overuse injuries
4 PRASAD ROTE Development of Chemically Defined Cell Culture Medium and Feed
5 JASVEER SINGH T. JETHRA Sensor-based Intelligent Crop Centric Automation (SICCA)
6 GEETHANJALI RADHAKRISHNAN Portable reagent-less screening device to detect Mycobacterium tuberculosis by leveraging the autofluorescence of the bacteria
7 DHUSHYANTH DACHIRAJU Vehicle Occupant Security Device
8 DR. MILIND CHOUDHARI A Kit for Rapid Isolation and Antimicrobial Resistance Profiling of Pathogens from Clinical Samples
9 GIRISH MUJUMDAR Plezmo - Wireless coding blocks
10 VASANTHA RAMASWAMY Remote Geo-positioning Sun Tracking Mechanisms for Solar Thermal Systems to Maximize Heat Absorption Efficiency
EDC (Venture Center)
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Pramod Bhurji To design and fabricate hybrid solar-biomass dryer for the processing of agricultural produces
2 Neelam Dwivedi Oral Insulin Delivery
3 Mehul Baldwa Interference free Point of care Diagnostic device for kidney function testing
4 Aditya Kabra 100% Compostable, Food-safe, Kitchen Wrapping Paper
5 Ashwin Shankar Two Wheelers Electric Vehicle Battery Swapping stations
6 Sunu Engineer It is an innovative business idea that combines the chemistry of scents, beauty of fragrances, magic of AI and rendering in microelectronics to provide a superior sensory experience. It aims to create an ecosystem of smell database, coupled with miniaturized and customizable devices to be able to sense and reproduce an enhanced olfactory experience.
7 Sudhir Muthyala To build a bi-facial tracking system which synergizes the two technologies ( bi-facial cells with albedo enhancement + dual axis solar tracking) combined to produce a higher gain upto 60%, compared to fixed installs using mono facial panels.
8 Varun Seth Development of file-less malware catching technique.
9 Saurabh Srivastava Development of portable diagnostic kits for neonatal sepsis
10 Avijan Sinha Digiband is a miniature electronics device with 9-axis Gyro-accelerometer. It will transmit the gyro-accelerometer data using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to Android App of the user. Screen reader support enabled.
EDC (Venture Center)
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Sanjay Ingale Thermal scanner with thermal imaging to identify abnormalities in temperature and provide real time insights for crowd management
2 Sachin Dubey nCoVSENSe: Rapid 15 minutes test for detection of antibody in SARS-CoV 2 infection
3 Onkar M. Siddheshwar Conversion of crop residue into pulp for packaging applications via a decentralized model to build robust supply chain with farmers.
4 Divyakshi Kaushik Sequential Inflation of a compression sleeve with the help of a controller for breast cancer related lymphedema (BCRL).
5 Praapti Jayaswal Artificial-Intelligence Based Rapid Diagnostic of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis.
6 Jyotirmayee Dash Quality Evaluation and Safety Control in Food Production using Terahertz Technology.
  • Year 1 - 2018-2019
  • Year 2 - 2019-2020
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Mrutyunjaya Sahu A novel maneuvering hypolimnetic aerator - Bariflo labs
2 Anmol Saxena Intelligent wearable knee device for Monitoring the Progression and rehabilitation of Post operative knee injuries - Ashva Weartech
3 Charmi Pabari Portable Hand Muscle Training Module aiding in motor relearning and giving mobility to stroke patients - Punar Healhcare
4 P. Goutham Reddy Electric vehicle with on board power generation
5 S. Pranav Kumar Athena-a text to braille device
6 Abhinav Gupta CamCann Smart Systems
7 Hariharan. M Electro-mechanical Prosthetic arm
8 Ravi Kiran Manapuram In VIVO and InVITRO fast tissue scanner (TissueXaner) for dermatology applications.
9 Abhijit Nath An Automated Panipuri Vending Machine
10 G. Venkata Krishnan Development of Medication verification and pharmacy validation vision assistant for patients and caretakers in primary healthcare setting
11 Pranjal Mehta FW-VTOL hybrid autonomous electric aerial vehicles which can take off and land anywhere and have long endurance (~2 hours) and range (100 km).
12 Mr.Harish V The production of low fat and no sugar, healthy cookies from beer spent grain, waste product obtained from beer brewing process.
13 Mr.Karna Patel Wearable insulin injector that can perform manual bolus injections and record insulin dosages and provide analytics on smartphones.
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 T. Geetha Developing millet based fermented products with defined qualities for human and animal nutrition utilizing functional starters.
2 Saurabh Agarwal Developing structural material using waste plastic material
3 Piyush Bhanu Development and prototyping of novel food intolerence test kit method
4 Senthil Rajendran Converting Coal Fly-Ash to chip ceramic
5 Shivang Singh Slathia Producing nano-material coated apparels that are anti microbial, anti UV and stain repellent
6 Mr.S Gomathi Nayagam A Smart and highly affordable culture flask to overcome the limitations of the existing shake flasks with the help of IoT Sensors.
7 Mr.Surya M Rajendran A Smart and highly affordable culture flask to overcome the limitations of the existing shake flasks with the help of IoT Sensors.
8 Mr.Tanmay M Prasad A PCB based farm automation unit that can control every parameter inside the hydroponic farm and can send real time data of the farm ecosystem on smartphones.
9 Mr.M.S.SUDARSAN The proposed technology uses a liquid desiccant air conditioning system coupled to a Peltier cooler to provide small scale controlled atmosphere for seed storage with an IoT based system to control and monitor storage conditions through a mobile app.
10 Mr.Prakhar Vaishnav Micro Offices that provide isolated, safe and secure environment with anti-covid features like HEPA filters, UV lamps and sanitizer dispensers.
11 Mr.Rajesh Sura Commercially viable intelligent charger for E-Mobility Charging Infrastructure that can charge batteries with high efficiency and communicate charge status to cloud that can be used by E-Mobility fleet operators.
12 Ms.Salomi Dabral Innovative robotic device that helps in the removal of water hyacinth from water bodies at affordable cost.
13 Ms.M. Jayasindu The proposed chewing gum will be personalized based on individual's praktiti or doshas to improve health and prevent diet related disorders.
  • Year 1 - 2018-2019
  • Year 2 - 2019-2020
NIT Calicut TBI
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Akshay Kumar C Visual Assistive Smart Hat - A gadget to guide the visually impared
2 Jagdish Kumar Panda Digital Pen which can be connected to a host device via bluetooth so as to enable writing, drawing or using it as a digital mouse
3 Arun Kumar V Nasal Air Filter used to filter out SPM, microbes, dust, odour etc. during inhalation
4 Suresh Kumar V Automated Arecanut palm climbing and harvesting machine which uses petrol engine
5 Jijin C K Portable robotic device to aid the physiotherapist and augument the treatment process
6 Ashutosh Gupta Smart and cost effective electrical automation
7 Ramesh Chandra Babu Innovative assembly method for the production of eco friendly wall panel
8 Prasobh K P e-BRAILE - digital Display for the visually disabled people
9 Mashood N A versatile product about transferring of patient from wheelchair to bed and bed to wheel chair without any external support.
10 Abhijith P Thermo-electric Heat Exchanger for Treating Migraine headaches and reducing tension
11 Sreeram M A dedicated hardware which is exclusive for gaming, modified for handling high graphics games and easy plug and play connectivity to peripherals
12 Mansi Chadha Automated Self Sanitizing Toilet Seats
NIT Calicut TBI
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Mr. Varkey F Thachil An automated AI based hand washing Kiosk which ensures a thorough hand wash initiated by infrared sensors.
2 Mr. Anoop K C Developing BSFL organic solid waste treatment technology for production of BSF Oil, Protein, Bio Diesel, Glycerine, Animal Feed, Fertilizer, Chitin and Chitosan
3 Mr. Sajay Rajan To make a user friendly earth auger that can dig pits for planting crops like banana.
4 Dr. Sheeba Veluthoor Developing probiotic microbes that feed on waste and thus cleans septic tanks, individual and collective water treatment plants, toilets and domestic waste water systems and maintain cleaner ground water.
5 Mr. Deepak Samson A single person battery operated tea harvesting machine of light weight
6 Mr. Arun R A light board with a high definition glass that will enable both online and offline teaching where the teacher will be facing the student while writing on the board.
7 Emil Ninan Skariah Disinfection device using cold plasma jet generated from dielectric barrier discharge reactor
8 Dr. A Sridevi Conversion of huge quantities of waste generated during the extraction of mango pulp in factories to a soil amender.
  • Year 1 - 2018-2019
  • Year 2 - 2019-2020
Amrita TBI
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Sabari Viswambharan An affordable solar vehicle that will be a cost competitive vehicle with very low operational cost and will reduce the burden of increasing fuel price of petrol/diesel and thus helping them to switch to green vehicles. It is an e-vehicle solution to those category of people ,who earn their livelihood on rickshaws/vehicles.
2 Anikesh Rajendran EMG based prototypic hand aimed for amputees from rural areas with a simple functionality and controllability .Parts available will be less expensive and can be replaced easily
3 Ishaan Chavan A multipurpose robot with insect legs which can be controlled from a distance and can detect hazardous gases in mines and also explore the unexplored areas deep down in the mines. It can also be used for carrying some payload from one place to other.
4 LK Prasad An MDC 400 box ,which is a system with Intel Server Blades and storage blades and has options for populating GPU and FPGS computing elements.
5 Mahesh Govind A blockchain IOT based platform for agriculture.Benefits include predictability for buyer and seller / guaranteed prices /credit worthiness analysis for lenders / risk tracking for insurers.The end-consumer willbenefit from clear visibility about origin of the produce .
6 Chaitanya Naik A complete working model of the dishwasher with inbuilt garbage crusher and composter.This crushed garbage will be converted to compost in the inbuilt chamber of dishwasher with the help of enzymes. Their primary target will be the household who owns cloth washing machine.
7 Muthukumarswamy Murugavel A smart and intelligent SD-WAN router that can deliver improved higher and reliable bandwidth and improved application that would be beneficial for organisations looking for a highly reliable WAN/VPN conectivity.
8 Vijay H Madhusudan Naavi, a mount for implementing floating solar power plant works on the principles of bouyancy.A system that is buoyant enough with adequate self ballasting capacity to ensure stability in high wind speed conditions.
9 Amrita Salim Flow controlled automated garden toilet/vertical garden for household use,which will treat wastewater through different biocontrol methods constituting bacteriophages,mcrobial consortium and phytoremediation.
10 Akash Jayakumar Recycled plastic products to customers which will have 25% higher strength at a lower cost than virgin plastics.It can be applied to major plastics LDPE,HDPE,PET,PP.The infused fibre into recycled plastics provides additional strength.
11 Amal Prakash An automated pick and place robotic soft actuated gripper.The actuator is designed using rubber and has a hollow tube running through its solid centre.When compressed air is supplied through this tube.
12 Hariprasad CM The project aspires to design and fabricate an electro-mechanical device for rectal administration of drugs. In general, the field of Ayurveda doesn’t involve much of technical and advanced electro-mechanical devices.
13 Swapna V Developing a wireless Thermal Image Camera with Automatic Face Detection which measures body temperature with outstanding accuracy and speed.
Amrita TBI
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Manigandan K Organic Single Use Drinking straws in plastic free packing with reduced aroma and longer shelf life
2 Suraj N Manhole Sewer Pipe Cleaning Robot (MSCPR)
3 Lalit Gautam NPK IoT-driven sensors for tracking, monitoring, analysing critical farm-level operations
4 Pratik M IoT product for indoor positioning and tracking
5 Krishnandan A semi-continuous method of lemongrass distillation to overcome the limitation of equilibrium to improve the oil yield by operating the distillation unit in the semicontinuous. T
6 Balasurya S Magma is an Agriculture Tiller Machine based on smart farming technologies working to bring forth innovative and affordable agricultural equipment and services to ease the efforts of low-income farmers.
7 Ankit Mittal Sports wearable device, helpful for performance analysis of sportsperson curated to assist with virtual coaching to enhance the training facilities for beginners.
8 Jithukrishna A J Retrofitting electric car with V2G system installed-the startup aims to convert cars that are 20 years old into electric vehicles.
9 Sourav Karmakar Renewable Energy-based Eco-Friendly Smart Portable Cooling Box, integrated with IoT which can store Food Products and send real-time data to the end-user.
10 Anju Bist Reusable menstrual pads from banana fiber. The key to scaling is to have automated processes for extracting, cleaning, and setting the banana fiber. .
  • Year 1 - 2018-2019
  • Year 2 - 2019-2020
Krishna Path TBI
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Akhilesh Rai Autonomous vertical garden system, nurturing system with features like IoT operated monitoring system, automatic control of water and nutrient supply for kitchen garden, Balcony garden and House gardens
2 Siddharth Gupta Solar assisted biogas production from kitchen/food waste, solar system is used to heat the slurry for the acceleration of reaction
3 Gayatri Rai Robotic water waste cleaning system- remote controlled robotic machine for the cleaning of rivers and other water bodies
4 Ankit Singh Rawat Cattle dung paper manufacturing machine- develop paper manufacturing machine in which the cattle dung is processed to convert into paper.
5 Aman Singhal Development of Solar water heater with innovative structural design for improved efficiency
6 Abhishek Singh Rathore Development of Electric Motor cycle with long range and superior performance
7 Rishabh Bhardwaj Development of prototype of self powered waterless Solar Panel Cleaning System
8 Ajay kumar Saini Respir ON-A smart asthama & COPD management platform - development of inhaler ,its connectivity to cloud and decision making software
9 Sudhir kumar Rai Development of automatic vending machine for milk, curd and buttermilk (by converting milk into curd and buttermilk). The machine will deliver preprogrammed quantity and type of milk product at specified temperature.
10 Saloni Mittal Development of pot for oxy plants with innovative structural design for optimized water and nutrient requirement for indoor purpose
11 Alok kumar Yadav Development of cost effective hybrid electric bicycle with battery antitheft feature
12 Dr. Rohin kumar yeluripati Development of robot companion for children for entertainment and education
13 Somya Saxena Development of Smart wrist watch for the care of elderly people (monitoring, alarming on mobiles of relatives )
14 Abhay Sharma ANIDERS (Animal Intrusion Detection and Repellent system
15 kunaal punj Development of modular cabins (plug and play model) for lodging
16 Puneet kumar Batra Development of device for the detection of energy signature of the load and to perform load management for residential and commercial load
17 Anshul Gupta Permanent kerb stone cleaner- Development of cleaning machine for the road divider and roadside kerb stones
18 Sourav Kumar Development of home automation box for centralized control of home appliances
19 Ayush Shukla Development of IoT based centralized battery operated vehicle monitoring system
20 Mr. Anuj Vishwakarma Automatic Tester for recognizing the fault in any electrical installation/equipments
Krishna Path TBI
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Anshika Verma NAVIK is an augmented reality based smart navigation system for vehicles
2 Tushar Sharma Intelligent low cost ventilator
3 Parth Singhal Receiving online order without human presence using Robotic and automation
4 Srishti Garg Multipurpose hiking backpack
5 Muskan Jain Wearable women safety device
6 Shivam Tiwari Fibre boards using banana fibres
7 Arpit Bhushan Automated electronic switches to stop water wastage
8 Akhand Pratap Singh 2D&3D structures and terrain mapping
9 Jaideep Tiwari Developing bone conduction transducer which performs audio tactile stimulation while practicing music therapy
10 Vipin Karhana Smart real time water monitoring
11 Sanjay Bisht Automatic machine for reformation of waste into useful structure
12 Mayank Kumar Baghel Develop a mini waste water treatment plant
13 Ms. Ashtha Singh "Development of low cost robots specifically designed that will work to assist in the restaurants. "
14 Mr. Piyush Sinha Smart Flow Hive – A Bee Box which can directly process the honey without any interference of any other machines reducing the contamination chances and improving the quality of Honey
  • Year 1 - 2018-2019
  • Year 2 - 2019-2020
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Narendra. T A device to sterilize operation theatre, clean rooms, any enclosed rooms that require to be sterilised without any human intervention or wetness requiting mopping.
2 Nandini N.Guru The extracorporeal pneumatic lithotripter is an electro pneumatic device used for fragmentation of stones in the kidney, ureters and bladder by direct contact lithotripsy under direct vision endoscopic control.
3 H.N. Yogish An eco-friendly product to treat water with high loads of bacteria, toxicity, chemicals and heavy metals neutralizing organic, in-organic and heavy metals in a single operations to meet all potability and palatability standards. This product reduces the treatment time, without causing wastage.
4 Eshwar.T A fuel additive, which saves the consumption of fuel viz., Furnace Oil, LS/HS fuel, Light diesel oil and naphtha oil. Reduces harmful emissions in vehicles. Improves mileage and life of the boiler/engine.
5 B.S. Sulochana LORA is a LOw power Radio Frequency technology device for WAN of IoT devices having AES128 Secured encrypted long range RF connectivity. It supports adaptive data rate with 32bit unique device node address.
6 E.Rajasekar Development of MoSi2 high temperature furnace to reduce the non-homogeneity. It provides uniform and better temperature homogeneity in MoSi2 furnace.
7 R. Roopesh A device to convert the waste energy into useful form of energy based on the thermal cracking techniques with energy convertor using CAD/CATIA.
8 Erika Kasba A lightweight electric bike, which can be easily folded and carried along as a hand baggage/back pack. A rechargeable battery powered bike with sufficient provisions for safety and convenience. It will reduce pollution, save parking space and avoid thefts.
9 Charanvikramraju Tunnel communication device, based on Wi-Fi technology with highly secured communication. It allows connecting voice, data, CCTV and IoT connectivity. It can be easily manageable at a place. This rugged outdoor device is Wi-Fi ready for users after tunnel is functional and IoT ready for future use.
10 S. Vignesh A solar operated incubator for production of Japanese quail eggs. This small scale eco-friendly incubator is easily affordable by local farmers to hatch their own quail eggs with higher hatchability rates.
11 Sai Adithya. B.S. A device useful to patients for taking medications. This low cost, reliable and easy to use electronic system, will help managing a person’s healthcare with time management and dosage of the required drugs. RFID readers are used to recognise the tags with RFID codes pasted in the drugs.
12 Lavanya. R A walking stick with GPS tracking system and sensors for visually impaired. This navigation tool can detect multiple objects and even water bodies. Wireless RF based remote is connected for anti-lost tracker and alarm system attached to the device.
13 R. Sanjay Sriram To develop anti-bacterial unit by using Casuarina Junguhuniana plant. It prevents the infections caused by the bacterias like Escherischia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
14 Kaviyasri. D This product enables a visually impaired person to use a computer with the help of hands and fingers. It can perform all the functions by wearing a glove controller on both hands. This device exerts pressure on the median nerve at the wrist to prevent the development of Carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive stress injuries.
15 Kishore. E A robot used for curing high raise buildings, during construction. This compact robot uses pneumatic pressure, which can reach longer distance. This robot can reach areas where water can’t be transported by normal means.
16 R. Abinaya An anti-harassment device, which can be, fit into handbags/wallets for regulating women atrocities. This device consists of a GSM to send the messages to the specified person, GPS to locate the position and a buzzer to intimate nearby people. An emergency button is also provided which can be placed in the locket or other accessories.
17 Deepika. C.N A device that can be placed across the pavements, which can convert Mechanical energy due to roll of vehicle tyres and converted to electrical energy, which is stored in the inverter. Thus, saved energy can be used to illuminate the roads.
18 M. Swethasri A device for visually impaired people to guide the user to respective destination and avoiding collisions with the obstacles.
19 Karthika. S A bio nail polish used as an alternative for plant pigments by using bacterial and fungal pigments which protects nail enamel.
20 K.P. Hari Narayanan A battery powered wheel chair for multipurpose use. It can be used for stair climbing and compatible for all types of stairs.
21 Saranya. S A power-assisted one-arm drive wheelchair that is manoeuvrable, foldable and easy to operate. It can be used as an upgrade for existing manual wheel chairs.
22 R. Kanakadurga A tableware produced from spoiled milk as an alternative for plastics.
23 R. Sooryasankar A device used to convert wastewater and seawater as vehicle fuel.
24 J. Manoj Kannan This device consists of natural adsorbent materials and process as an alternative for reverse osmosis. This device doesn’t remove essential minerals required for our body.
25 V. ArunSelvan A device used to treat domestic waste sullage water, purify the water and to reuse the water for human activities. Unlike other devices, it consumes less space and long purification process.
26 Y. Sangeetha An herbal antidandruff shampoo as an alternate to the harmful synthetic ingredient used in other herbal shampoos by safe natural ingredients. The natural ingredients are prepared with phyla nodiflora and centratherum punctatum leaf extract, henna, soap nut and shikakai.
27 K. Surendiran A device to produce bio surfactants from locally available oil environments. These bio surfactants reduces toxicity, increases biodegradability and better eco compatibility.
28 Abdul Asiq. A A device to conserve water by regulating the quantity of water in flushing toilet and minimizing water consumption to optimum level. It replaces the conventional flush tank by a manually operated valve.
29 S. Ram Prashath A nutrition powder produced from wastewater and growth hormone (bio fertilizer) extraction from bamboo shoot apex, which is used to enhance plant growth and bamboo leaf, is predominantly used to render insecticidal and fungicidal activity as bio pesticide in agriculture.
30 V. P. Mohan Babu An aromatic mosquito repellent paint is developed as an alternative to commercially available paints.
31 K. Gopi A bio-coating material as a substitute for wax coating. Lignin is extracted from non-wood cellulosic biomass such as coconut husk (Cocos nucifera) and palm tree husk (Borassus flabellifer).
32 Vaishnavi Gupta A lightweight micro drone smaller and lighter then commercial drones. It consists of H8 mini Rc Quadcopter and transmitter, propeller CW and ACW, receiver board, 5.8Gz Super-Mini FPV Camera and VR Glasses.
33 D. Raghul A device used to identify/scan the colours and identifies the hexadecimal value of the colour and stores in the device memory which is used as reference to match the same colours available in the surroundings.
34 Bharath. V.M.K A bioplastic cover produced naturally with starch, silica, glycerol, acetic acid/vinegar, water and banana fibre.
35 Sagar simpi Prototype that supplement learning process in civil engineering about the various types of structural components & its assemblages.
36 S. Abinaya This incinerator device is used to dispose sanitary waste/napkin pads. This incinerator is free from air, water and soil pollution. A cost effective device compared to other products and scalable across villages and institutions.
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Meenakshi. S A Specially designed Zig Zag Transformer with appropriate Automatic Switching / Control Circuits to Maintain Optimum Voltage across the Lamps at all times.
2 Bharath Kumar M Hard Tissue Fatigue testing electro-mechanical system
3 Thivakaran P Polycrystalline Silicon Rod making smart press system for satellite application
4 Dinesh Babu B The automatic Diameter control system (ADCS) which eliminates the manual intervention in the production of bulk single crystal that can be grown with required orientation
5 Niveditha S Smart Wrist band to track home quarantine people during COVID-19 pandemic crisis
6 Shivashankar T IoT based industrial waste water disposal monitoring system
7 Karunakaran A Auto Tuning Controller based dual zone furnace with view port
8 Bahrinath M GEM-ROBOT used to cut and polish varieties of synthetic gemstones
9 Akilesh Joseph Michael P IoT Integrated Portable robotic personal comfort station for elderly
10 Sreekar Reddy A Design and Fabrication of solar absorption refrigeration system
11 Deeksha B S Energy Monitoring and Management device for residential commercial and industrial application using IoT and Bigdata.
  • Year 1 - 2018-2019
  • Year 2 - 2019-2020
VelTech TBI
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Raghuveer K Ramachandra Dysregulated interaction of CTLA-4, a receptor on T cells, with its ligand causes immune tolerance of cancer cells. Blocking CTLA-4 activates immune system to recognize and eliminate tumors thereby providing a useful therapeutic strategy for treating cancer
2 Srinivasan Design and development of Virtual Reality Headsets for Smartphones. Even though there are a no. of problems that can be solved by Virtual Reality,the product will cater specifically to the Industrial, Automotive & Manufacturing needs.
3 Aadhitya S B The Project Idea is to convert all the bio degradable materials into a useful fertilizer for crops as an alternative for chemical fertilizer.
4 Rudresh Karn Recycle HDPE plastic into 3D printer filament.
5 Hemalatha This project is to design and build a prototype for an automatic opening and closing of dustbin on the detection of the people who want to throw out their trash. In this system the level of the garbage in the bin can be known by the use of sensors
6 Manova LM Aquatic Drone
7 Kaviyarasu P Virtual Sapiens :Development of Virtual Reality based Teleportation bot for remote access
8 Singaravelan V Production of low cost portable Brown’s Gas Torch
9 Santhosh Muralidharan AI based IoT Automotive Solution
10 Sathyanarayanan A R Auticare - An Autism Diagnosis & Therapy Module
11 Deepak Rajmohan A smart crate device customized for storage of fruits and vegetables
12 Murugesh Kumar A wearable device with LED sensor for optimal measurement of blood flow.
13 Siddharth D Design and Development of surgical simulator using VR and haptics
14 Parithi Govindaraju Design and development of solar powered high endurance drone
15 Lakshana Krishnan Revive & modernize indian handlom with natural dyes (food/Plants) which is less harmful than the traditional available dyes.
16 Manasa Gonchigar Testing machine based on hyperspectral imaging for fluorometric analysis to detect aflatoxin in agricultural product.
17 Rudra Nath Ghosh Developing a 3D bio-printed skin substitutes for the use in cosmetic and drug testing model.
VelTech TBI
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 K.Chitra DAIRY FARMERS/ ECONOMIC LOSSES - To Develop the Biodegradable Cup for Dairy farms to prevent of Mastitis disease.
2 Janakiraman Low-cost RIS system with high resolution to dignosis and identify glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, monitor disease processes-macular degeneration retinal.
3 Rayala Yoganadha Sai Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser
4 S.Sabariswaran Ergonomic wheelchair for geriatric care to the physically challenged people for better mobilization
5 Satyajit Jagtap Activity Based Learning Kits & STEM programs for students / schools for students of 7+ age group, where offering Activity based learning kits
6 Prajwal Shetty Proposing a portable technology that intends to access the advancement in Digital Infrared Imaging for the detection of Breast Cancer Proposing a portable technology that intends to access the advancement in Digital Infrared Imaging for the detection of Breast Cancer
7 Sravan Kumar An innovation that will charge the battery while riding the vehicle and further will increase the battery performance by 5 to 10%.
8 Rishi Agarwal Developing a electronic wearable fitness Band that will monitor and track Ayurveda based health related metrics to provide the realtime state of doshas Vata Pitta Kapha and associated with the mobile app.
9 Nirosh Kumar H i Pract-ace is an automatic and cost-effective self-bowling tennis machine which includes various features & saves the data on cloud.
10 Dr. Kalaiarasi Developing a diagnostic strip adhered menstrual pad for early detection of hormonal imbalance in women.
  • Year 1 - 2018-2019
  • Year 2 - 2019-2020
Society for Innovation & Development - SID
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Vignesh Muralibab Smart Storage Retrieval Platform
2 Byregowda SH A smart cloth Dryer consisting of a partial or complete enclosure including heater that generates the hot air and made to flow by the plurality of fans.
3 Athul P Design and Development of Manhole Desilting Machine: The aim of the project is to remove man out of the manhole, ie to have minimal involvement of human in the De-silting process.
4 Kartheek NGR Dew point chiller provides chilled water required for radiant/structure cooling without using a compressor
5 Madhav R Badsheshi Smart Modular Controller: A smart modular controller is a device that can be used in many applications where there is a need of controlling ‘N’ no of motors of variable capacities and specifications.
6 Neha Satak GigaMesh is the most appropriate alternative to optical fiber as it provides fibre-like speeds at 2 TIMES less cost and without the hassle of fibre. The product operates in E-band frequency spectrum that is expected to be “light touch licensed” in India.
7 Dr. Arun Dhumal Rao Developing an oxygen concentrator, It is an apparatus that separates oxygen from air under pressure using certain zeolite materials.
8 M. Vigneshwaran Development of Ventilator to respond for various demands of patient.
9 Vibhor Agnihotri Developing an alternate filter material that can be used with any fabric mask to bring its efficiency as close to N95 filters as possible.
10 Raunak Deepak Kamat Developing Equipment Health Monitoring & Failure Prediction Module monitoring various parameters.
Society for Innovation & Development - SID
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Ratanjit Singh Sohal Modular Isolation Pods for use at incoming ports
2 Ramesh R Tandi Multistage Air Disinfectant and UV, IONIZER etc.
3 Jay Krishnan P R A wearable that regularly reminds the user to sanitize hands
4 Hari Prasad S N Quickly Deployable Patient Isolation Canopy
5 Sameer Patvardhan Energy Science Kits for Hands-on and Inquiry-based Experimentation
6 Yogansh Namdeo Hand-key - Building a handheld clamp like device that lets you open doors, push buttons and carry on your daily life without touching these surfaces directly with your hands and stay safe from Covid-19's spread.
  • Year 1 - 2018-2019
  • Year 2 - 2019-2020
IIIT-Maker Village
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Vishnu V Nath Custom designed UAV system for land surveying, precision agriculture etc
2 Akhil S Intelligent Optimiser for Solar Charging system
3 Bavil Varghese Development and manufacturing of 2 & 3 Wheeler Electric Vehicle power train
4 Pinky Jayaprakash This is a hardware device capable of capturing data from Video surveillance systems and perform edge computing to detect objects instantaneously
5 Charles Vijay Varghese Automatic intelligent electro mechanical system for harvesting neera
6 R Sreekumar Spray pyrolysis machine used for coating thin films of compound semiconductors and metal oxides
7 Rony V John Wearable Dynamic Phototherapy Device for skin diseases
8 Sony TL An integrated system with centralized repository and management system with live feed from inland craft
9 Unnikrishnan KC This is a fully automatic robotic pick and place machine which can be customised for small scale PCB assembly
10 Rohil Dev N Device for Smartphones to deliver Larger Virtual Screen Experience, Multitasking and Augmented Reality
11 Divya Govind Varier eeZeeBUS- FM radio based Bus tracking
12 Arjun Varma IOT based real time water quality detection using pollution and parametric sensors
13 Sruthy Gopal Development of a connected infusion monitor, which can count the drops, calculate real-time drop rate and adjust the fluid flow
14 Muhammed Nujoom Customised Waste water treatment and quality Monitoring
15 Jeffrey George Modular waste to RDF converter for house holds
16 Johns T Mathai Automated underwater drone/remote operated vehicle (ROV) capable of performing Visual inspection
17 Akhil Gopalan Drone for cargo logistics with a pay load of 10 to 15 Kgs
18 Ashfaq Ashraf C Smart Blood bag monitoring device for safe blood transfusion
19 Malbin Jose Plug and play solution to provide protection from high voltage, low voltage and leakage problems
20 Samir Dayal Singh Affordable SMART detection and monitoring system for ensuring hygiene at Public Toilets
21 Deeshna Vishnu Prasad Digitalization of public living strategies in all aspects, by providing a smart & secure network
22 Arun PM IOT based standalone modular telemetry device for end-to-end management of assets and logistics
23 Rajgopal V Hardware device for home automation which can be customised for agriculture applications
IIIT-Maker Village
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Sandeep Anandan Developing an integrated solution with an electric drive, lithium ion battery run, BLDC motors for marine boats.
2 Mathaikutty Johni Development of a microcontroller based Capacitor discharge Ignition system, that can provide accurate control of ignition timing thereby improving the performance and mileage of the engines.
3 Devan C Development of an agriculture utility drones for aerial plant survey and crop spraying .
4 Rohit N Pisharoty IOT based microcontroller with multiple connectivity options and sensors for data acquisition to be developed for hospital managements for more control over their utilities and medical systems.
5 Dr. V. I. BISHOR Automation of Medical and Research Laboratories for sample handling, automated liquid handling and real time PCR.
6 HASEENA T H Development of napkin incinerator having a ergonomic design suitable for a single toilet. The incinerator would have a self intelligence and memory to auto sequencing the operation.
7 Rajesh George Custom built wearable grade hardware devices called Things of Learning specifically for students to use in daily learning routines.
8 Sumith C Mohan Develop a full technology advanced device LUMOS the UV decontaminator for COVID-19 fighting for mankind.
9 Ashik Mabrook K AIOT, Solar based eco-friendly system , which will help farmers to install and receive information continuously and cheaply from the field and protect the plants from natural calamities.
10 Praveen Mathew PHARMABOT is an IOT based hardware solution which helps the pharmacist to locate and collect the medicines from the shelf of the pharmacy by the use of the indication system in each shelf and POS machine.
23 Rajgopal V Hardware device for home automation which can be customised for agriculture applications
11 M.Gokilavani To design a wearable AR glass establishes the daily routine of the demented patient by learning his /her test routine and predicting the most appropriate output by machine learning. The output is presented in mixed reality as a virtual caregiver which resembles the same human characteristics of a caregiver.
12 Sijo K. Joseph To develop Nanotechnology based N95 mask which will offer better protection against SARS-CoV-2 virus compared to conventional ones.
13 Athul Ram V.R. A cost-effective line-up of LIDAR sensors of varying capabilities aimed at multiple market segments, with an initial focus on the survey and automotive market
14 Don Paul To develop an advanced patient transfer device that can be used to transfer patient’s rom bed,wheelchair,floor, toilet and vehicles.
15 JEFFIN FRANCIS To convert/retrofit I.C. engine vehicles to electric vehicles at an economical cost. thus making zero emission vehicle and minimise the usage of exhaustible energy resources.
16 Justine Antony A Robotic Ultrasound machine and platform which will help the radiologist to perform the Ultrasound scan remotely/on premise with the help of a robotic arm.
17 SIBY MATHEW The technology is designed to ensure proper predictive maintenance of motors.
18 FRANCIS REGAN F J To develop a metal 3D printer wherein a thin layer of metal powder is melted using a high intensity fiber laser.
19 Rejin Narayanan Fully automatic roti makers for industrial and domestic purposes at a very low cost .
  • Year 1 - 2018-2019
  • Year 2 - 2019-2020
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Soumitra Das PhyzeeMon – an exercising gaming solution which includes a motion sensing wearable device strapped to the patient’s limb relaying sensor metrics to a Software gaming component via a wireless communication interface. A physiotherapy treatment plan will use specific therapeutic exercises treatment helps improve recovery of the affected muscles and strengthening of the affected body parts.
2 Vijay Kumar Nellore The product provides access to mechanical CPR with built-in ECG, defibrillator and IOT to save time and achieve higher survival rates.
3 Pradeep Pallelli To build an in-house designed multicopter with compatible battery system that can fly for upto 60 minutes (more if possible) so that operations can be conducted continuously without having to carry multiple batteries or look for charging infrastructure in the field.
4 Suraj Partani Indibots is developing robots for cleaning Solar panels. These robots are portable, they do not need any pre installation and are plug and play. The robot uses novel dry cleaning technology to clean solar panels. The robots do not uses water and can navigate automatically.
5 Kanumalla SriHarsha Vardhan Development of efficient drive system for electric two wheelers
6 Aishwarya AI Based - Automatic Food Maker
7 Prem Kumar Vislawath To design and build Custom drone which can be used effectively for spraying various water bodies for eradication of water hyacinth and mosquitoes
8 Siddhant Bajpai A smart water which does auto cleaning of the surface and bottom of the swimming pools and ensures perfect to-be environment.
9 Trivikram Kumar Dogga To design & develop an autonomous pallet carrying robot of 1.5 Tonne payload.
10 Kanika Bansal PreciDerm: a smart, generic, extended-wear Transdermal Delivery System.
11 Sarang Bora Drone Delivery system for inflatable Pouch.
12 Sanket Kedar Smart cow monitoring system - Smart cattle monitoring system to detect heat and health status with real time analysis
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Kush Mishra Our product will be a retrofit hardware module which can connect to a smart meter and transmit it over the LPWAN network to the remote cloud.
2 Jainam Nileshkumar Mehta UrbanNaps is making India's First Smart Napping Pods for people to Rest and Relax at Urban Spaces like, Airports, Co-workings, and Corporates Spaces
3 Sunil Kumar Maddikatla NeeM V2.0 is a contactless, wireless thermal scanner and touch free pulse oximeter. It reads the human vitals and body temperature at a distance.
4 Sailaja Bharatala Aim is to develop non-invasive, portable device to capture fetal heart rate (FHR), maternal heart rate (MHR), uterine activity (UA).
5 Robin Thomas Our device addresses the lack of assistive & rehabilitative devices for paraplegia patients around the globe.
6 Krishna K Jasti Develop solution to enable EV charging and build computer vision technology that will enhance EV user experience with public charging infrastructure.
7 Sujay Phadke Advanced indigenous robotic gripper for defense, industrial and healthcare applications
8 Jagadeesh Velaga NPNT Compliant Micro Category (Below 2Kg ) Fixed Wing VTOL Drone –For Survey and Surveillance
9 Subrahmanyam. Bharatula GROWHITHA - Automated natural manure maker. A single machine that can prepare 7 kinds of Natural fertilizers & pesticides with a single click.
  • Year 1 - 2018-2019
  • Year 2 - 2019-2020
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Mr.Sundar Raj.R HASTA, multi-articulating myo-electric hands.HASTA use myoelectric signals from residual limb for its operation.
2 Dr.Dileepkumar.R Biocatalytic system for the re-purpose of used cooking oil.The waste cooking oil can be converted to potential biodiesel through pre-treatment processes followed by trans-esterification reaction.
3 Mr.Arun Nair.P.S Transcutaneous Energy Transfer System(TET) for Fully implantable, miniaturised Ventricular Assist Device(VAD).
4 Mr.Faseem Muhammed.S Handheld ECG and EEG analyser.The device working is based on analog signal acquisition from the electrodes and processed by DSP and stored and displayed.
5 Mr.James.T.J Design and Development of affordable Self – operating backrest (Automatic and Manual) attachment for bed ridden patients to raise their body.
6 Mr.Sachin.S.Joseph Matris Care- Wireless device for a pregnant woman to monitor her blood pressure accurately and non-invasively from her fingertip
7 Mr.Ravi Teja Prediction of myocardial infarction using a novel gesture based medical device.
8 Prithiviraj J Low Cost Digital X-Ray
9 Dr.Lini Basil A replaceable patch, which is made of biomaterial that ensures continuous moisturisation of oral cavity for several hours.
10 Saneer.M A battery operated cannulated autoclavable surgical screw driver for use in multiple surgical applications.
11 Dr.Benoy Mathew Orthodontic braces fixed on the back side of the teeth to do the treatment and this makes the brackets completely invisible.
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Krishnan Thampi Avatar Thermal Eye - Non body contact thermal scanning device to screen people during the covid pandemic spread.
2 Dr.Praveen.G.Pai Family of Face Barrier Shields- Variants of face shields and non-permeable head hoods with air exchange to help the Covid 19 Frontline workers
3 Dr.Srinivas Murki Oxyliv- An affordable and Portable Titrated Oxygen Therapy Device made for non ICU- Low resource settings.
4 Dr.Vandana Chugh Nee Bhasin Innovative millers videolaryngoscope with movable tip
5 Dr.Jolly Chirayil Digital Holographic System for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of Endodontic files to identify defective files for dental surgeons.
6 Dr.Deepak.P.G Automatic UVC portable Disinfection Robot for the use of room disinfection.
7 Nikunj Bhagat Neuromuscular electrical stimulation device to reanimate paralyzed hand muscles and restore grasping in stroke patients.

  • Year 1 - 2019-2020
RiiDL (Research Innovation Incubation Design Labs)
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Nihaal Singh Adarsh Low cost PPE ventilator suit
2 Aditya Vemuganti Water -Smart Metering, Analytics & Supply Control
3 Vijay Jha Smart shelf monitoring system
4 Abhishek Arun Masurkar Solar Panel Cleaning System
5 Yash Tarwadi Water purification by solar panels
6 Sourabh R. Walvekar Wireless, modular and cloud based multipara monitor for babies in intensive care.
7 Ashtad Kohinoor Smart color changing fabric.
8 Kandaala AdityaSrinivas Myccelium Biocomposite: Growing a biodegradable packaging, using mushrooms and renewable plant feedstocks in a sustainable way to replace petroleum based foam packaging.
9 Prashant Kothari Safaire - A germicidal ultraviolet system ensuring safe air through indoors.
10 Gayatri Jadhav Development of Modular and Affordable Commercial Electric Three-wheeler Prototype for Hyperlocal and Last-mile Segment with our Electric Reverse Trikes
11 Srujan Josh Developing a Robot which disinfect ,maintain water level & clean the water tank automatically
  • Year 1 - 2019-2020
Derbi Foundation
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Velmurugan E Breath analyzer sensor ODM module which can be integrated to Ventilators
2 Arun Somasundaram Low cost bone densitometer - To estimate bone density.
3 Akshita Sachdeva The smart, non invasive, handheld Colposcopy device for quick and automated Cervical Cancer Screening and Diagnosis
4 Dr Maneesh Sinha Integrating the vibrating mechanism thorugh electrode in the existing inexpensive bipolar cautery to perform the prostate dissection.
5 Dr. Vishal U S Rao Hands free voice prosthesis speaking device for throat cancer patients
6 Dr. U Ganesh Rao Indigenous low cost intra oral 3d scanner to make non invasive dentistry affordable and convenient for the elderly.
7 Kishore Kumar K J Ensuring proper hand washing without touching the soap and water. Automatics hand wash dispenser.
8 Mandar Kharkhanis Point of care device for quantification of UTI infections.
9 Akitha Kolloju Device to measure vital parameters of a baby suffering from jaundice conditions and dosage of treatment.
10 Veena Venu Birth buddy is a portable birthing bed which has a potential to save two lives at once.
11 Nair Siddharth Shivakumar Xfinito Biodesigns is developing a series of smart footwear based on our platform Xeuron.
  • Year 1 - 2019-2020
Technology Incubation and Entrepreneurship Development Society (TIDES)-IIT Roorkee
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Harshit Mohan Developing a smart and energy efficient drive based on latest control technique and it would be quite friendly with the user and the environment with latest digital twin protection.
2 Hari Shankar Singh Development of Integrated Smart RF Device Using Metamaterial for IoT Applications
3 Shivali Sugandh Decentralised & automated system for treatment of organic waste based on an intelligent ventilation system
4 Jose Thankachan An on-board compact integrated multi-port converter (IMC) for EV, capable of providing Driving, Braking and Charging functionalities while harnessing Renewable Energy to drive and charge the EV
5 Alakshendra Singh IoT enabled smart energy management system with an embedded system
6 Samsaptak Ghosh Novel Multi-Agent Automated Mobile Robots (AMR) System with differential motor drive system and integrated on-board charger
7 Mukat Lal Sharma System for seismic risk investigations including disaster reduction and management, with Earthquake data recording and early/real-time warning issuance systems for use as disaster risk mitigation tool.
8 Avlokita Agrawal Modular Interlocking Double Skin Compressed Clay Walling System for enabling dry and faster construction, for reducing heat ingress.
9 Sumit Vaish HMI (Human-machine interaction) truly touchless system using futuristic hardware and technology. With this any control panel, touch screen or keypad can be turned in to contact-less.
  • Year 1 - 2019-2020
TBI- MaDeIT Innovation Foundation
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Ramesh G Smart Farm - an Integrated Hydroponics system for urban farming
2 Loganathan Photonic Drug Susceptibility Test Equipment for Tuberculosis
3 Rajagopal Natarajan Xook – Smart Chaat Vending Machine.
4 Satyabrata Mohanty Tele-Vu - Fully Integrated Telemedicine System.
5 Dr. Sridhar Harikrishnamoorthy Modular Disinfection Station equipped with UV, Photo catalytic super oxide and ozone producing devices to sanitize large area efficiently
6 Sathyanarayana A Smart Dental Furnace.
7 Umesh V Flow batteries for domestic applications.
8 Sivaraj J Effibot - A robotic solution to clean the solar panels.
9 Kaushik S Development of creatinine biosensor to diagnose Renal Disease in Veterinary Clinics, Hospitals.
  • Year 1 - 2019-2020
Foundation for Sandboxstartup Initiatives
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Sandal Kotawala Affordable Electronic Low Vision Aid
2 Pooja Hemmige Thermal Imaging Camera for Emotional Heat Map
3 Shanthanu Chakravarthy A compact VR-simulator for training in endoscopy.
4 Deepak Malani Fitpool - A continuous Wave pools, addresses multiple requirements for therapeutic healthcare, medical, sporting and recreational needs at indoor level.
5 Neeraj Bhandary NIDRA - A headband which enables better sleep for healthier tomorrow
6 Navajith Karkera A Rapture Aura – High-fidelity, personalized and Immersive headphone with minimized hearing fatigue.
7 Vijaya Kumar K Low cost handloom authentication device development.
8 Padmaraj Pattanashetti Developing a decentralised urban farming unit where that system is capable of nurturing and growing different varieties of vegetables.
  • Year 1 - 2019-2020
i-TIC Foundation IIT Hyderabad
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Sushmitha Veeralingam To develop a cost-effective, portable, point-of-care testing (POCT) system for early diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases.
2 Dr. Tatikonda Sri Santosh Our device aims to reduce the overall duration of Orthodontic treatment, reduces the risks associated with prolonged treatment.
3 Dr. S. Revathi The Dental Implant Distractor is an economical bio medical device which combines three step surgical procedure into single step surgical procedure.
4 G Ramana Kumar Healer Hoodie is developing a wearable massager which is portable, reusable, rechargeable and customizable by letting users to control the intensity of vibrations through mobile application.
5 Upamanyu Ghosh Blupower is a clean-energy company developing vortex hydro plant for low-head rivers or canal sites that remained unfeasible up till now for electrification.
6 Ravindra Singh myUDAAN is developing a unique product which converts any manual wheelchair to a motorized wheelchair for PwD & Elderly community which will be able to attach/detach this product without outside help & experience independent mobility.
7 Srujan Bazar Pureely is a fully automated IoT based vending solution. It dispenses fresh additive-free fruit juices and smoothies which can be customized and ordered on the go, through an interactive and user friendly interface.
8 Pranav Kompally ILLENIUM AI focuses on creating affordable and quality tech solutions in the areas of Healthcare and Retailtech. They are developing a body suit which measures vitals like muscle activity, heart rate and mental health of the user. The solution is suitable for athletics, defense and medical use.
9 Vidyasagar Rangoju CrystalBall is UAV manufacturing company working on solving real life problems in the fields of Survey, Surveillance, Agriculture and Healthcare. They blend the solutions with UAV and AI to provide the maximum value to the customer.
10 Darshan meher Electra is developing a BMS for Li-ion batteries using advanced estimation algorithms and best cell balancing technique which will solve battery problems and ensure the safest working of BMS and able to detect fault before it takes place using predictive analytics.
11 Gokula Nathan Kasinathan Uyirie Logics is developing a device for personalized therapies; especially in cancer patients. Albeit the mainstream application, the device will be aiding researchers, pharmaceutical companies, clinicians at any levels of cancers as it holds the potential of efficiently mimicking in vivo like physiologies.
  • Year 1 - 2019-2020
Association for Innovation development of entrepreneurship in Agriculture-ICAR-NAARM
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Dr Sumit Saxena Manufacturing of animal feed with antimicrobial properties; biofertilizer, biopesticide and biostimulator for plant growth.Telemedicine.
2 Dr K Ramachandra Sekhar Implementation of IoT based energy management tool for grid integrated solar irrigation system.
3 Mr. Ankit U M Utilization of eco-friendly plant derived products of antimicrobial efficacy to fight against phytopathohens.
4 Mr. Pradeep S Hiregouder Smart irrigation system.
5 Mr. Tarun Jami Manufacturing of Agrocrete: Carbon-Negative Building Material
6 Ms. Archana Chindam Provides smart monitoring solutions for pultry hatcheries & farms using IoT,AI to increase productivity & quality of chicks with realtime alerts.
  • Year 1 - 2019-2020
IIT Gandhinagar Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Rajdeep Singh Devra A single consolidated system (3-D Printer) that takes plastic waste as input and directly 3D prints various products.
2 Karanbir Singh Sidhu A quadcopter drone with advance control capabilities to be used as a research platform. Upon validation, it shall be used in sports photography, professional photography, robotics for natural disaster rescue operations, military and defence applications.
3 Ankita Sinha A 3d printed concrete room of 3mx3mx2m printed using the indigenously developed concrete printer which would offer better thermal comfort, reduced material consumption, reduced carbon foot print as compared to conventional construction.
4 Chandan Kumar Jha A virtual reality-based rehabilitation system for stroke patients. The system will monitor the recovery progress by generating different quantitative assessments of the hand kinematics.
5 Harini Gunda The project is related to validation of solid propellants additive substitute used in missiles and rockets for defence, space and other commercial applications.
6 Shubham Mishra A hardware device for testing and analysing lithium-ion batteries using state of the art ML algorithms. The product will solve the problem of existing practice which is complex, time taking and costly.
7 Amit Srivastava A device which will help the quality manager of food processors and food exporters to do the quality assessment of the incoming fruit consignment non-destructively at the source of procurement itself.
8 Jitendrakumar Gautam A Hybrid solar gas cook-stove that works on Bio-gas/LPG/Natural Gas along with solar electricity. Hybrid solar gas stove works on patent pending micro-flame internal combustion burner technology which reduces the energy consumption.
9 Jignesh Chaudhary A 3kW DC motor for EV domain. As an outcome of th is project, a cost-effective, 3kW DC motor for EV use cases would be developed, which offers better performance, reduced supply chain dependency to foreign countries.
  • Year 1 - 2019-2020
FORGE-Coimbatore Innovation and Business Incubator
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Rahul Buddhiraja Developing an AR/VR platform combined with IoT device that can live stream point-of-view, record notes, set reminders, send SMS, make calls etc hands-free without disrupting workflow.
2 Sushil Kumar Paulpandi Device that senses the critical water quality parameters remotely & continuously in Shrimp Ponds and gives a real time insights to the farmers
3 Subrahmanya Vinayak Tsalla Tsalla Aerospace Technologies specialises in the development of Unmanned Aerial Systems.They are developing a VTOL micro UAV system capable of carrying multiple payloads.
4 Arpit Sharma RangeAero is automating logistics by using innovative unmanned coaxial helicopter. The team works with systems engineering approach by in-house design, development & testing for its unmanned coaxial helicopter platform which is reliable, more stable then multi-rotors & have better operating efficiency.
  • Year 1 - 2019-2020
Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University TBI
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Jatin Sharma Albatross is a project based on a next generation advanced drone for primarily use in healthcare sector,disaster management and for defence purpose .
2 Sandeep Gupta GreenTrek focuses on Green Technology and It’s core area is the R&D of Reycling different types of steel waste such as Oxides and Metallic Scrap. From this waste, pure molten metal is obtained having an iron content of 99%+ without any use of electric power and creates no carbon footprint.
3 Hetender Singh B-ezy is a project based on a POC kit that will provide information about the potential class of organisms causing the infection and for appropriate selection of the medicine. It will also determine presence of the Antibiotic resistance providing genes, by virtue of exploiting LAMP PCR method in the metagenomic DNA/RNA derived from the urinary sample of the patient suffering with Primary urinary tract infection (UTI).
4 Haneet Kaur, Vinod Kumar Esaathy invention relates to secure, paperless, user-friendly authentication system that can reduce the burden of each end user in different aspects. Proposed Smart Digital Pen will make use of unique identity (finger Print) to authenticate the user and also will be equipped with features to overcome the drawbacks of existing authentication devices.
5 Dr. Indu Bhushan The project is about designing of a paper strip for detection of lactic acid that is produced from vaginal Lactobacilli.
6 Satyam Raj InfinityX motive is to make the EV charging process as fast and as least disruptive as possible. To develop Battery swapping stations that charge an electric scooter in 30 seconds by using a proprietary technique which works on an array of cells model where cells are swapped individually instead of an entire battery pack at once.
7 Dr. Varsha Singh Medzak Healthcare will be introducing Point-of-Care (PoC) testing which will rapidly deliver results and enables faster consultation with multiple devices/tests in a single system. The technology is cost-effective, handheld, portable, multi-use and is capable of measuring the extent of damage of ocular diseases through corneal surface imaging only.
8 Vishal Pratap Automatic mannequins is all about giving motion to static mannequins in fashion/garment industry.
9 Saumitra Pandey Its all about creating a Drone and integrate it with AI and ML learning techniques so that it can analyse its surroundings and act accordingly in real time for specific missions autonomously. The drones will be using Ultosonic, LIDARS, TOF and Vision sensors to achieve this.
10 Dr. Sayed Quaiser Alam KAIZA health will be using Probiotic and bioactive peptides derived from plants as a dietary supplement is an alternative and effective approach to antibiotic administration to Livestock, Poultry and Aquaculture which can help to improve microbial balance and therefore the natural defense of the Animal Husbandry, Poultry, Aquaculture etc.
11 Harish Neotia EpanipuriiKartz is a contactless automatic dispensing machine to serve panipuri. The machine will be IoT enabled and can be operated by mobile app remotely.
12 Harsh Garg Botfleet will be designing and developing electric cars indigenously in India with a driving range of 800+ KM in a single full charge and will integrate features like driver assist capabilities and provide alternate source of energy in future models.
13 Shoyeb Alam This project is all about developing low sugar, low cholesterol, non-GMO safe Probiotics based IMMUNITY BOOSTING VEGETARIAN SNACKS including PROBIOTIC GHERKIN PICKLES (preferably fruit vegetable based) which are room temperature stable.
14 Davood Ahmad Wani The project is related to tackle the dependability and to increase the QoL of the quadriplegic patients. A Quadrinorm Unified Control Bridge is proposed as a solution for these wheelchair-bound users to help them gain control over their surrounding and thus become less dependent.
15 Shakshi Verma Earthen frost is a cold storage box that increases the shelf life of fruits and veggie and hence reduces the loss at various levels.
16 Ashish Verma Greenhoo is there for working on Plants, Plant based knowledge & plants technology for betterment of human beings. Also enabling different cities of india majorly north with easy accesibility of varieties of plants & herbs.
17 Mansi Sharma Manukrishi is all about selecting novel ingredients to get better yield of milk in veterinary applications. It will provide the necessary nutraceuticals for animals to improve their milk production.
18 Rakesh Kasba Muddy Hydro will be using sediment-laden water for power production and will be capable of using muddy water too in bad weathers. The parts used will be easily servicible.
  • Year 1 - 2019-2020
IIT Mandi Catalyst
Sr. No. Name of the PRAYASEEs (Innovator approved for PRAYAS grant) Brief description of the Project
1 Milan Hemantkumar Hansaliya Developing cost effective and efficeint motors for Drones.
2 Utsav M Soni World’s first GiantSwing for adventure lovers with 100+ jump styles with AI backed safety .
3 Shalom Kingson Air purfication device for hospital rooms
4 Kshitij Kayastha Water purification device with tds controlling device.
5 Alpana Pandey Developing a water and grease proof packaging material.
6 Ankit Singh 5kW Multi-rotor Wind Energy system with in-built mechanical Storage.
7 Himanshu Gupta 5KW Prototype demonstration model of utilising geothermal renewable energy to generate electricity.
8 Pranay Sharma Smart user-friendly products to assist and monitor the driver, ensuring safety on roads.
9 Ravineet Yadav Developing a CO2 utilisation bioreactor for biogas upgradation application using Microbial Electosynthesis
10 Nitin Patil Do-It-Yourself Biotechnology kits starting with Bioreactor and Microscope for educational purposes.
11 Raghavendra Singh Nutritional hemp seed oil and hemp seed protein extracted from Industrial use hemp.
12 Hemant Thakur Integrated Sewage Treatment Plant cum Bioprocess unit.
13 Rohan Shrivastava Safety buffer for missile launching system.
14 Shivani Khare Developing a low cost chip based device for detection of vitamin D in the blood in a minimum possible time.
15 Dr. Niraj Bafna To develop End-to-end automated pill packaging machine as per the dose requirement of the patients .
16 Mohit Dhaiya Low cost high performance oxygen concentrator
17 Vijay Choudhary ML enabled platform to make electric vehicle batteries efficient and reliable.